Discourse On Method

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DiscourseOn Method

Critique of Descartes Education

Having joined the best school in the country at his time, Descarteswas expected to acquire the best knowledge and wisdom on allessential activities in his life. After completion of the studies, hedevelops doubt on the knowledge he gained and critics the entiresystem. According to him, the ancient theories did not provide thesolutions to the current time and therefore the need to change thereproach of these ancient studies to accommodate the changes in thesociety.

He instead realized how the school system was devoid of factual basedknowledge. In fact, the system made him more ignorant and moredoubtful about the nature that the philosophy had confined only todemonstration and theories which were based on an individualknowledge. Notably, he affirms that his feeling was that he learnednothing while in school but become more aware of what he was missingin life after school.

Education offered was purely theoretical, lacked diversity andappreciation of the various needs of the society at present. Thesciences based on philosophy were uncertain as the philosophy itselfwas a subject of debate by even to date. Descartes decided not tosubscribe to such idea but chose a path that would satisfy hiscuriosity for knowledge.

It is prudent to support Descartes ideology on the education systemtoday. Learning centers even at higher levels have concentrated onproducing a great number of graduates who are not technicallycompetent to create solutions to the needs of the society today.Schools are graded, and the society including the government supportsthe grading of schools, an idea that did not improve the quality ofthe system. There is, therefore, need to shift focus from ancientparadigm and adopt the current trend in the market today (Descartes,2017).

Method of doubt

The ability to get facts every day in our lives has taken centerstage. For example, the question of whether God exists is a subjectstill being undertaken. Despite the proof of the creation of theuniverse and in many scholars’ articles the theory is neversettled. This is an indication of the shift in focus in human life atthis era to seek to get facts about every situation before making anyconclusion. This originates from the desire to create lastingknowledge about all issue around us.

The world is complex, and we come across difficult, complex situationthat needs our attention and solution. To design a solution to thecomplex situation is broken down into small parts and each handled bydifferent people then the aggregate results are combined to solve thesituation. For example, an organization is a complex entity that isusually divided into departments that undertake specific function,and all functions output is seen as the entire organizational output.

Desired results are not achieved on a single day but through takingsimple actions towards the complex ones. For example on daily basis,organizations create strategic plans for the organizations and thenbreak the long plan into programs achievable within a short period.By deriving the programs, the long-term goals of the organizationbecomes attainable as Descartes postulates in the third rule. Toachieve success, it’s imperative to start from the basic operationsand proceed to great success.

To monitor the progress we have made over a period of time, we reviewour actions and thoughts based on our initial plan. For examplebusiness after setting targets for their employees should frequentlyreview their work to ensure they are in line with the set goals.


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