Discussion 1 Wrap Up

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Discussion1 Wrap Up


Discussion1 Wrap Up

Iam an optimist and this makes me focus more on the positive thingsthat life has to offer, and this pushes me to achieve better results.As a high school student working towards achieving the necessaryskills to better my future, reports on increased unemployment ratesand future economic tough times can only kill my dreams.Nevertheless, I have managed to remain positive by viewing setbacksas temporary events. Life has a lot to offer and one has to beoptimistic to create opportunities which will make life worth living.

Viewinglife from a glass half full perspective has taught me the virtue ofcommitment. I desire success in my life, and to achieve this, I haveset goals meant to help me pass my high school education andthereafter transit to college to pursue my career course. However,there are times I fail to achieve my best and this can bediscouraging, but as an optimist, I have learned to view failure as alesson as a start to something better and this helps me to remaincommitted to my goals. Mistakes are pointers to how a person shouldnot do something, and when taken as a lesson, they make an individualwork towards discovering other ways of achieving better outcomes.

Onthe other hand, optimism makes one lose touch with reality and thiscan lead to complex problems. I have, in many occasions, ignoredsigns of problems waiting to happen. Optimism makes one hopeful andwhenever I saw warning signs I remained positive and told myself thatthings were alright. The end result was more problems which couldhave been avoided had I taken the warnings seriously.