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Thewidespread internet enables Disney to extend its television businessby offering ESPN channels over the web to customers, while RitzCarlton offers high-speed wireless internet to groups in events. IBMand Dell utilize the internet to create customized products for itscustomers on the website. Walmart interacts with its clients on anonline platform, and Target invests on online marketing throughsocial media. Both FedEx and UPS use the internet to assist clientsto track their consignments. Information technology has led toheightened attention on safeguarding intellectual property, andDisney ensures manufacturers and licensees undertake safety testsusing independent procedures. Ritz-Carlton promotes transparency onindirect tax and manages foreign subsidiaries. IBM’s Analyticssolution facilitates compliance tracking and increases transparencyon risks, while Dell’s technology resources comply with client’spolicies to enhance privacy and data protection. Walmart’s globaltechnology solution enables it to operate worldwide, and monitor TPIsto counter risks. Target isolates systems with sensitive informationfrom the rest to promote security. Technology augments safetystandards in FedEx to prevent accidents, while UPS provides end userrights and comply with global trade regulations to improve customerservice.

Disneyand-Ritz Carlton take a sustainable environmentalism strategy, whereDisney uses restaurant’s cooking oil as fuel for the trains, whileRitz-Carlton provides electric charging stations for automobiles.Also, IBM and Dell focus on environmental sustainability. IBM’sstrategy is to modify its products and innovate new methods with apositive impact on the environment. Dell engages its rivals inenvironmental campaigns of computer-take-back initiatives. Walmarttargets at promoting energy efficiency by increasing renewablesources of energy and Target’s strategy is offering environmentallyfriendly products such as organics and naturals, whose demand ishigh. FedEx focusses on integrating environmental practices thatreduce aircraft wastes and emissions by using alternative fuel. UPShas adopted a sustainable method of shipping more to customers withminimal environmental impact by using natural gas fueled automobiles.

Disney,Ritz-Carlton, Dell, Target, FedEx, and UPS have open systemsorganizational structures because their operations depend on theexternal environment that enables them to remain competitive, respondto market dynamics and offer customized products. IBM and Walmart areclosed systems because IBM enables its IT experts to develop andadapt to new technology internally. Walmart relies on discountedpricing and its strong brand, thus minimal influence from the markettrends. Walmart has a flat organizational structure due to the fewlayers between store managers and the upper management since it lacksregional headquarters. Disney, Ritz-Carlton, IBM, Dell, Target,FedEx, and UPS run hierarchical organizational structures since theyhave various sub-levels from the top management to the subordinatestaff.

Thecompetitive edge for Disney is its strong brand positioning in themarket, and the opening of the Disneyland to the public hasinfluenced the society positively. Ritz-Carlton differentiates itselffrom its rivals by logo and having an excellent customer serviceexperience. Its employees collaborate with the community to shareskills and provide employment opportunities globally. IBMstrengthens its competitive advantage through continuous innovationand offers graduate students an opportunity to work in the firm. Dellis customer-oriented and produces tailor-made products to itsclients, and gives back to the community by tackling climate changethrough green packaging, disaster relief and supporting youtheducation. Walmart increased market share is attributable to itsstrong brand and the low pricing concept. Walmart’s social impactis immense as it creates employment opportunities, shapes consumptionpatterns, and triggers income distribution. Target stands out as aone-stop shop that enables customers to purchase various commoditiesunder one roof, and its employees volunteer in community activitiesto create a safer environment for the society. FedEx has a speeddelivery advantage that shortens transit time and delivery. Itssocial responsibility is environmental conservation through efficientoperations. Finally, UPS encompasses the needs of the logisticindustry and offers an array of services to its customers globally.It has a UPS foundation that meets the needs of the society and theless privileged communities such as environmental preservation, anddonations.