Discussion Crude Awakening

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Discussion:Crude Awakening

TheLooming Oil Apocalypse

The movie is compelling in portraying and justifying a looming oilapocalypse. The film asserts that crude oil as harmful to nature,life, and the world economic systems. The film highlights theimportance of oil to various economies around the world by notingthat producers lie about its availability and others wage wars tocontrol its production. Thus, the film posits that oil has theultimate power in shaping global political and economic affairs. Tome, the film has a clear message that crude oil will lead to thedestruction of life. Destruction can happen either through depletionof oil leading to global economic turmoil or by harmful carbonemissions from fossil fuels. Thus, the only way to avert the oilapocalypse would be to cut down dependence on fossil fuels.



I love how you have interpreted the film. What I find significant inyour response is the notion that human beings are fighting for oilreserves that are almost empty. It makes me wonder why the US andother countries involved in oil-driven wars do not redirect theirefforts into developing alternatives to fossil fuels. They would ownsuch technologies and defeat their perceived enemies endowed with oilreserves.


What I get from your views on the film is that oil corporations andauto-manufacturers have ganged up against the public by sabotagingalternatives to oil. Automakers do not want to invest in electriccars as they will render their current manufacturing processesobsolete. Oil firms would also lose business. In my view, I would saythat these two groups of players are so focused on short-term profitsthat they are blind to their long-term mutual destruction. The onlyloser in this game is humanity, and you and need to take action bydemanding responsible business practices.