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Discussion:Leadership Strategy


It would be proper to implement a democratic style of leadershipwhile devising effective strategies. In this regard, all nurses wouldbe encouraged to provide suggestions on how the 25 patients can betargeted. Staff members could also be instructed to critique theinputs provided by other practitioners. Furthermore, nursingprofessionals should be allowed to state the challenges experiencedwhile performing their duties. The team of professionals can debatepotential solutions for existing challenges. Democratic leadership isthe most appropriate style since it encourages team members to makesuggestions. Nursing professionals acquire morale whenever they cancontribute to the decision-making process.

Several strategies can be adopted to ensure better health outcomesfor the 25 patients with cardiac heart failure. All nurses should bedetermined to educate their patients on the importance of takingmedications. Patients must also be trained on how to manage theirprescriptions. Mobile phones could help to provide elderly patientswith regular alerts (Kim, Lee, Kim, &amp Kim, 2014). Moreover,physicians may highlight the dangers associated with failing topartake medications (Storrow et al., 2014). Practitioners could alsoprovide real-life examples of patients who managed to adhere toprescriptions. Besides, nursing professionals should organize forcommunity outreach programs to provide support for the 25 patients.These patients usually lack sufficient resources for carecoordination. Hence, community outreach programs can enable the 25patients to benefit from social services.

Frequent visits to the emergency department can be reduced throughmonitoring the progress of treatment. Nursing professionals canobserve the patients to see how they respond to prescribedtreatments. Patients should be provided with regular checkups toensure early identification of medical issues. It is critical toadopt measures that address cardiac problems before they increase inseverity. Nursing professionals should collaborate with one anotherto cater for the needs of all patients (Weller, Boyd, &amp Cumin,2014). Consequently, the 25 CHF patients can experience better healthoutcomes.


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