Discussion on Affirmative Action

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Discussionon Affirmative Action


Discussionon Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is a law that offers better treatment to fewgroups of people who are considered less advantaged in acquiringeducation or employment. The action aims at allowing minor groups tobe competent and catch up with the affluent individuals in thesociety. The paper will discuss if the affirmative action is fair toall races.

Fairnessto All Races

The affirmative action is fair to all races. The action was meant toprovide racial equality. Some racial groups like Africans areconsidered as minority and weak. They are not competent enough tosecure good schools and well-paying jobs as their counterparts, thewhite Americans. Hence, with the introduction of the action, it actsas enabling factor for this minor group to increase chances of havingbetter opportunities (Niederle,Segal and Vesterlund, 2013).

Affirmative Action as an Indirect Discrimination against Whites

The affirmative law was not after discriminating the white Americansindirectly. It did not disadvantage the white Americans fromsecuring educational or job opportunities. Rather, it created abalanced system where all races have equal chances of acquiringresources. The white Americans are the advantaged race and are morecompetent in securing opportunities due to improved education in mostcases. Hence, implementation of the action did not lower theirchances of having opportunities at the expense of the minoritygroups. However, there can be an argument that they were indirectlydiscriminated, where the racial balance interrupted with their eliteschools’ system. The argument is opposable since the action onlycompelled the white Americans to work harder to maintain theiropportunities.

In conclusion, affirmative action was a plan that aimed at helpingthe minority groups that were disadvantaged. Through the action, theminority groups were able to use the offered opportunities to bettertheir living style. In addition, the law helped in reducing the levelof racial discrimination where minor races are treated equally withthe major races.


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