Discussion on Child Protection Policy

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A social policy involves studying social services and understandingthe state welfare. It also analysis how societies respond to socialneeds. Some of the common social policies are health policy,education policy, house policy among others. The paper will discussbehavioral, cognitive, and social theories that support the creationor reforming child protection system.

Children should be protected from exploitation, violence, abuse andbeing neglected. Different governmental and non-governmental bodieshave designed systems to protect children example is United Nations(UN) and UNICEF (James,Allison, &amp Andrian, 2014).&nbsp

Effectof Behavioral theory in Creation and Reforming Child ProtectionPolicy

Behavioral theory is the perspectives in which explain relationshipsregarding stimulus-response, and it assumes that environmentinfluences human behaviors (James,Allison, &amp Andrian, 2014).&nbspHence, will support the creation of child protection policy so thatbodies and the governments become conditioned in supporting children.According to the theory, once the policy has started, then it willbecome the government`s obligation to protect children in thecountry. In addition, after implementing the child protection policy,there is observed a reduction in child abuse, and they are lessviolated. Then it has influenced or rather it will affect differentbodies to strengthen children protection policies for much betterchildren security.

Similarly, the behavioral theory calls for some reforms in childrenprotection system. As indicated earlier, human`s behavior isinfluenced by the environment. As a result, modern generation is indanger of being affected by the rapid technology advancement and thesocial media crisis. They are endangering children by corruptingtheir morals and exposing them to issues that are beyond their age.Thus, children protection policy should come up with a strategy ofprotecting children from the influence of the developing technologyand social media.

In conclusion, child protection policy is among the most significantpolicies developed by government and non-governmental organizations.Children are usually at risk of being influenced by their environmentdue to their naivety and their unquenchable desire to explore. Hence,various reforms should be carried on the policy to protect them.


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