Discussion on how should the United States Respond to Multilateral Initiative of China

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Discussionon how should the United States Respond to Multilateral Initiative ofChina

Discussionon how should the United States Respond to Multilateral Initiative ofChina

A multilateral initiative requires a company or an organization tohave members from different countries. China has had severalmultilateral initiatives the most prolific being the AsianInfrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). It is a multi-billion projectaiming at partnering with foreign countries to enhance growth anddevelopment through infrastructure. The paper will discuss how theUnited States should respond to China’s multilateral initiative.

The Americans should consider the credentials offered by AIIBmultilateral initiative. The credentials will facilitate America toconsider an agreement with the bank. AIIB does not require sittingboard or offices in the borrowing countries, and it is quick inprocessing the requests. In addition, the bank is determined to offerquality services from their qualified personnel and expertise. Thebank has staffs with skills, experience and flexible in deliveringthe services.

In addition, the bank is aiming at adhering to accepted standards,which will include taking care of social and environmental standards.They will offer employment without being biased but through using thebest-talented personnel in the market. Procurement of goods andservices will be within the country offered the project.

Finally, the company aims at adhering to sustainability. They willidentify, prepare and implement projects within the agreed period.The bank also will support their clients through providing resources,required knowledge and experience.

President Trump of the United States should avoid beingconfrontational like George Bush or solicitous to cooperation like inObama regime. Instead, they should create a good relationship withChina. They should understand that the vast power growth in China itwill not replace that of America. China has been consistent that theywant to avoid conflict with other nations. Hence, America should usethis chance to boost their economic growth through partnership withChina.

There are strong alliances between America and Asia. Hence, Americacan go on with their business and involve Chinese investors. DuringObama’s era, Washington opposed to Asian Infrastructure InvestmentBank (AIIB) initiative. In addition, Philippines were requested byWashington to approach China about stopping the deterioration oftheir roads but did not get the chance. The Philippines had poorinfrastructure.

Similarly, China is planning to have a security architecture.However, the idea is opposed by neighboring regions that are notwilling to see China take the lead. America can use this opportunityto help China neighbors to shape the future of their security.

However, an opposing opinion still withholds with China initiative toinvest in America. For instance, policymakers consider the AIIBinitiative to replace the architecture projected by the United Statesand its friends (Lipsy, 2015). The foreign friends include Germany,United Kingdom, and Australia among others. The United State isconsidering involving all the multilateral initiatives from theinterested countries. Hence, they are not after limiting the AIIBfrom partnering with America.

Similarly, we can oppose China multilateral initiative as it raisescontroversial arguments on whether they have implemented the projectsin their home regions. Research has indicated that Asia is one of theregions with a large population and fast growth (Lipsy, 2015).Theregion requires improved infrastructure to boost the economicdevelopment of the region. China should consider, first implementingthe development policies in their regions before involving foreigncountries.

In conclusion, there should be a good relationship between Americaand China. The two countries have indicated signs of developing agood relationship. A good relationship will help both countries toshare in economic development through multilateral initiatives. Highpopulation in America, rapid economic growth requires the firstimprovement in their infrastructure and other social amenities. Onthe other hand, China has advanced in technology. They have highlyskilled personnel with better machines, which will offer high-qualityservices required in the United States.


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