Discussion on Humanity

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Discussionon Humanity

Discussionon Humanity

In life, various disciplines control our mode of relating with otherpeople. The disciplines can be considered right or wrong depending onvarying interpretations and perceptions. Right actions are referredas virtues and are the recommended behaviors when relating withothers. The paper will discuss the virtue of humanity.


Humanity is a virtue of having compassion, sympathy, andunderstanding towards other people. People should portray humanity toshow they care the welfare of others. In addition, humanity enablespeople to live peacefully and in harmony. Before doing anything else,humankind should embrace the virtue of humanity where every activityis driven by love for others without selfish interests. Ultimately,the output is usually more appealing.

Religion groups preach the virtue of humanity among theircongregation. They teach how to love one another which will bring uscloser to God. The aim of teaching humanity is to unite the humankind. The religious doctrine creates no boundaries among peoplerather they advocate treating your neighbors like your sister orbrother. However, the teaching might not apply to those who are nothuman in their hearts. Religious teachings cannot compel theindividuals to change their perspective. People with poor humanitycreate trouble, have hatred and have poor relations with others.

We should be human first before involving in other activities. Withhumanity, you will be able to understand that we all have equalchances of opportunities and no individual is better than the other.In addition, with kindness people will tolerate each other’s flaws.

In conclusion, humanity is a virtue that Christianity should compelpeople to adopt. The virtue appreciates the fact that we havedifferences and we can live through tolerating each other.Lovingand compassionate characters help in caring the welfare of others.