Discussion on Leadership Skills

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Some leaders are born while others are made. The statement is argueddifferently using the trait theory and skills approach. Trait theoryargues that leaders are born with their leadership characteristics.Contrary, skills approach support that leaders acquire theirleadership characters from studies and through life experience. Thepaper will discuss chapter six questions about leadership skills.


Leadership has shifted from traits to skills in the past ten years.Due to modernization, there have been changes in leadership whereleaders are considered more competent depending on their level ofeducation.


Most important leadership skill group is conceptual. A leader withthese skills can plan, solve problems and strategize activities,which are essential characters when leading a group of people.


In administrative skill group, the most important characteristic of aleader is the ability to manage people. Once a leader can managepeople, they will help in managing other resources that willeventually portray a leader as competent.


Leaders can improve their interpersonal skills through developing ahabit of been socially perceptive. In so doing, the leader will knowthe problem facing others and how they get motivated hence provideeffective leadership.


Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand personal emotionsand that of others. It helps leaders to understand the variousresponse from their followers, when in agreement or disagreement.


When working with a virtual team, the most important skills areadministrative skills.


Leadership skills are exhibited the same in men and women. However,older people show better leadership skills than younger workers dueto their high experience. Similarly, people from different cultureshave different leadership skills depending on their culturalbackgrounds.


Both leadership skills and leadership styles show how leaders shouldgive direction, implement plans and motivate their followers.


All the leadership skills are important in every leadershipsituation. However, their relative importance might change dependingon the cultural habits of the individuals, type of people ruled andthe type of situation being solved.


Other leadership skills that can be added include communicationskill. The leader should be able to communicate and convince theirfollowers. Proper communication improves trust among leaders andtheir supporters.

In conclusion, leadership skills are essential characters that everyleader should embrace. The skills enable sound management ofresources and managing people. In addition, leadership skills showsthe competence of the leader