Discussion on Role of Nurses

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Discussionon Role of Nurses


Discussionon Role of Nurses

Most health facilities put patients’ safety first. They have amoral obligation in promoting the quality of patient care. Theyshould implement policies, procedures and create favorableorganizational climate. The health staff has a role of providingpatient safety in their facilities. The paper will discuss the roleof nurses in promoting a quality health care.

Nurses and midwives play an essential role in the implementation ofquality health care. They provide a thorough patient assessment todevelop and evaluate the right plan of health care. They also monitorthe patient`s response to treatment. In addition, nurses and midwivesare crucial in the implementation of safe delivery.

On the same line, the idea of role extension in developing nursingpractice is under way. The concept requires nurses to havecertification for skills that will permit them to take on tasks.Hence, nurses will be required to be more competent and showexpertise in meeting patients` needs.

Health care facilities have developed a culture of taking care ofolder persons. There is introduction of arterial blood pressuremonitoring services in local health facilities. They require nursesto be competent in managing and treatment of old patients with bloodpressure complications (Potter,Stockert, and Hall, 2016).&nbsp

In addition, health facility managers have essential impacts inimplementing patients` safety. The managers have a role of employingrequired health staff that will offer sufficient patient care. Theyalso have a role in monitoring the quality of services given topatients. Besides, the managers should create a safe and healthyenvironment through purchasing all necessary facilities that willbetter the health services. They should use their administrativeskills in creating a safe and enabling environment for patients andhealth staff.

Government and county councils help in financing health programs.They also provide capital to purchase medical devices that improvethe quality of services offered in health centres.

Some of the strategies that can be implemented to improve the qualityof health services include expanding the role of nurses. Theexpansion will be based on patient-centered nursing and support ofeffective delivery. In addition, it is necessary for implement nursesmotivation plans. Salary increment and remunerations will motive thehealth personnel to provide quality and safe health services.

In conclusion, quality health care is a responsibility of each healthworker. However, nurses are the chief target of improving andoffering quality services. The local government and health managementshould support nurses in improving the quality of health care.


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