Discussion on the Future of Human Services

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Discussionon the Future of Human Services


Discussionon the Future of Human Services

Human services profession aims at improving service delivery systems.It operates bychanging both direct services and enhancing theiraccess, coordination, and accountability. Improving human servicerequires changing groups or individuals offering formal and informalhuman services to be more effective and produce a positive change insociety. The paper will discuss how to improve the delivery ofservices to an agency.

Previously, I had an encounter with a security group that wasoffering security services to the community, institutions, andindividuals in the region. There was a poor delivery of securityservices especially to the community considering the increased crimerate. The security workers most of the times were in their individualwork abandoning the assigned duty. It resulted in easier access tothieves and criminals who disrupted the peace of the community.

A change should be urgently implemented in the quality of servicesprovided by the security workers in the firm. Use of closemonitoring, providing required skills to security workers andincreasing their salaries will motivate the workers to provideefficient and reliable human services (Urquhart&amp Wearing, 2017).

As human services professional, I can be a catalyst for change toimprove the delivery of service by ensuring that the human serviceproviders are educated and enhanced with better skills required intheir field. Institutions should offer human services programs andprovide practical activities to their students to ensure they arewell trained to provide the human services (Urquhart&amp Wearing, 2017).

During the final week in the firm, I found that security workers faceseveral challenges in their profession. They are paid meagresalaries, pass through tough training and are not armed withappropriate security tools they require. Besides, the workers are notproficient with the knowledge necessary in that field. As a result,they provided services that were below standard to the community. Onthe other hand, it could be observed that there was the maintenanceof law and order around the community. Notably, there was a reducedrate of crimes, and the public could carry on with their activitiesin peace.

To improve security services, the firm should consider theprofessionalism of employers and employees. Employers shouldunderstand the required security services required by the publicbefore they involve their workforce. In addition, security workforceshould be well educated and trained to handle human securityservices. Similarly, the firm can improve the services throughtargeting personal growth. Personal growth includes enhancing thewelfare of the individuals working in the firm. Better salaries andproper working conditions will motivate workers to provide efficientservices.

The firm should also be sensitive to various reports from theirclients. Records act as reference tools and are used in makingdecisions. In addition, they should not ignore reports from theiremployees, and such reports should be documented for future use.

The firm should also be flexible in making changes according to thedemand of their clients. Flexibility ensures availability of thesecurity services when called upon. Similarly, the firm shouldadvocate resilience and emotional maturity among workers (Urquhart&amp Wearing, 2017). Sometimes challenges arise ormisunderstanding among the staffs. Such moments require being handledappropriately through accepting the situation and finding the bestway out.

As mentioned, group membership skills are important in improving thelevel of services. The skills are acquired through learning, trainingor experience. A skilled group will offer more reliable services totheir customers.

The company should have a strategy of receiving feedbacks. Feedbacksshould be accepted even if they are negative or positive and aresponse implemented. As a result, clients will be more satisfiedwith the services provided. Finally, there should be a goodrelationship between clients, employees and the authority. A goodrelationship will create peaceful co-existence where security forcecan provide better and the expected services to their clients.

In conclusion, human services are essential in the society like anyother social amenities. People offering services should providebetter and effective services. There should also be an improvement inthe type of services offered and mode of offering the services.Through cooperation, people should work towards enhancing humanservices.


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