Discussion on the Social Policies

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Discussionon the Social Policies

Discussionon the Social Policies

Social policies are the principles or activities that affect thehuman welfare. They view how the society approaches the social needs.The policies try to improve the human living standards and preventactivities that reduce peaceful co-existence among people. The paperwill discuss the significance of poverty policies and inequalitypolicies and address their distinctions.

Poverty policies aim at reducing the level of poverty among peopleand improve their living standards. Some of these policies includeincreasing chances of employment. Through employment, people willhave a high income, and their level of life improves in return.

In addition, increasing benefits to the poor is another policy thataims at helping people with low income. The plan will allow money tobe aimed at those who are most needy. There will be a reduction oftaxes from the taxpayers. On the other hand, to ensure there isequity, the policy of horizontal equity is developed (Foster,Seth, Lokshin, and Sajaia, 2013). It ensures peoplehaving same financial status are taxed at the same rate. Anotherpolicy is increasing the minimum wage for lowest paid workers. Mostpeople are paid meagre salaries and raising their incomes willupgrade their standard of living.

Distinctionbetween Policies Addressing Poverty and those Addressing Inequality

Change in inequality is limited as it cannot increase or decreaseover an extended period, rather there is the standard level ofinequality that is controlled by political economy. Poverty reductionhas no term limits as the better the economy, the less the poverty.

In addition, a change in inequality affects the poverty level. Adecrease in inequality lowers the poverty level while an increasewill raise the poverty line. Similarly, slow growth attributes to anincrease in inequality, but it does not affect the poverty level.

In conclusion, poverty reduction policies and inequality policies aimat improving the human welfare. Proper distribution of resourcesreduces inequality while on the other hand lowers the poverty level.The government should reinforce the policies to upgrade the livingstandards of their citizens.


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