Discussion on Work/Family Facilitation

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Discussionon Work/Family Facilitation


Discussionon Work/Family Facilitation

Participation in a particular area provides a gained experience.Work-family facilitation has helped individuals to survive indifferent locations and away from their homes. The paper will discussthe work-family facilitation.

ChallengesFacing Workers in the United States Confront People in otherCountries

Most immigrants in the United States are confronted with jobscarcity. Refugees and immigrants in the United States face a commonchallenge of securing good jobs. Even those who are educated and hadgood jobs in their native countries is difficult to have similaremployment in the United States due to competition and negativeperception by some employers.

They also face thechallenge of getting affordable houses. Safe and affordable homes areusually expensive to get. The low-paying jobs cannot support theimmigrants to meet their basic needs. In addition, they lack accessto essential services like health facilities and transportfacilities. Most of the immigrants do not have legal documents hencethey do not walk freely for fear of being deported.

WorkplacePolicies Existing in other Countries Supporting Work-familyFacilitation


Countries should develop policies that will create uniformity amongthe employees. The uniformity should be involves worker’s rightsand responsibilities. Employees should be entitled to equal rightsand responsibilities. The uniformity will help in preventing internalconflicts that could arise from the workplace (Jung&amp Tae, 2012).


There should be policies that address safety to the organization andthe security of employees. Worker`s safety will prevent injuries andreduce the company from experiencing criminal cases.

Best Practices

Some policies should direct employees to work according to whatbrings benefits to a firm. Other policies should include that ofdressing codes, communication etiquette among others as they affectthe level of performance.

In conclusion, work-family facilitation has a significance effects onthe performance of individuals at their homes and at work. Thedisciplines learned at a particular place are used somewhere else inthe form of skills and experience. Hence, countries have anobligation of creating favorable policies to facilitate safe workingconditions.


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