Discussion Theory, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice

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Discussion:Theory, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice

March 14, 2017


The selected theory, Transcultural Nursing Theory, involves understanding different cultures relative to nursing so as to provide meaningful nursing services based on different people’s cultural values. Thus, different cultural behaviors are adopted based on the culture involved. The located article explores factors affecting nurses’ ability to cope with culturally diverse patients and families. In order to identify the factors, culturally diverse nurses were interviewed on the basis of nurses’ awareness of others mourning customs, their perception of the end of life or any form of loss, how they approach their patients and the manner in which they communicate with patient families. According to the article, lack of nursing ability to cope with culturally diverse patients and families while offering care services may lead to failure towards achieving proper service delivery hence negative effects on both the patient and the nurse’ side (Atzmoa &amp Popescu, 2014). As much as nurses spend plenty of time with patients who have undergone end of life experience by losing their loved ones, studies prove that the nurses are never adequately prepared for the events.

Generally, nurses appear to be often unready for the transcultural nursing, therefore, conducting a research to find out some of the underlying factors which influence their performance transcultural nursing domain is of great value to patients who are victims of culture. The theory provides structure to the research study described in the article by attributing the incompetence in transcultural nursing to lack of understanding, preparedness, and information between the caring and the victim parties. In my practice area, nursing, psychological preparation is an issue I would be interested in exploring through research. This is because psychology influences how nurses interact with and handle patients.


Atzmoa, R. E., &amp Popescu, L. (2014). Transcultural Nursing in the End-of-Life: Factors Affecting Nurse`s Ability to Cope with Culturally Diverse Patients and Families. Social Work Review, Vol. 13(2), p89-101.