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Thereis a high prevalence of tobacco smoking in Lee County, Florida,especially among males. Research data indicates estimates the rate ofmale smokers in the county at 24.8 percent while the rate for femalesmokers stands at 17.5 percent(Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, 2015).As such, the high rate of smoking attributes to the increasing casesof cardiovascular diseases among others. It is now a matter of publichealth concern. In the backdrop of the above problem, the applicationof Community-Oriented Public Health principles is a reliable means ofaddressing the issue.

Underthis platform, addressing the issue will take a multifacetedapproach, involving members of the community, health organizations,and professionals from both the healthcare and non-healthcareinstitutions. Besides, the County Administration, housing department,social welfare, and the police are some of the agencies involved.Within this collaboration network, health care professionals willcarry out an analysis of community members’ health status and findout the determinants of tobacco smoking. In the same vein, healthcare professionals will offer a framework for interventionstrategies. Based on the advantages of Community-Oriented PublicHealth, the interventions can go beyond conventional restrictions andpush for changes in laws to restrict the age limit of smokers(Teitelbaum &amp Wilensky, 2016).Social services agencies will carry out sensitization campaigns onthe dangers of smoking while the police will enforce laws regardingthe age limit of smoking. In this manner, the intervention will helpreduce the rate of smoking therefore, preventing tobacco-relateddiseases and promoting community health.

Tobaccosmoking is a major public health issue in Lee County. However, theapplication of principles on Community-Oriented Public Health offersa platform to address the issue. This intervention entails thecollaboration of professionals in the healthcare sectors and otheragencies, working together with the aim of reducing the prevalence ofsmoking.


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20thMarch 2017

B.B. King Description

Theartist Riley Benjamin King born in 1925 commenced his music recordingin 1940 where he has more than 50 albums until 2015 (King, 2015). Hewas initially playing on streets for dimes for up to 4 locations inone night. The artist then moved to Memphis and undertook a career inmusic in the place where African American musicians were concentratedin 1947. During his training, King was staying with Bukka White whowas another decorated populist in performing blues. In 1948, theartist was employed on a radio station in West Memphis where hegained many connections and eventually adopted the name B. B. King.

Spiritof Blues

Kingdepicts the spirit of blues in various ways including the mostpassionate case where he went into a burning building to get a guitarthat he later named Lucille. Lucille was a name to a girl whom 2 menwere fighting about and caused a fire in Twist. Like other blues, hissongs were melancholic and originally from black Americans with a12-bar sequence. For instance, his song “The Thrill is Gone” isslow and has a 12-bar sequence that triggered fun’s attention andrecorded as the third most influential music in the 1969 R&ampBchart (King, 2015).


Kingreleased the Album “Live at the Regal” in 1965 after signing inwith the ABC Records. This album had 10 songs including “Every DayI have the Blues”, “Sweet Little Angel”, and “How Blue CanYou Get” among others. The first song “Every Day I have theBlues” was stylistically performed and recorded in a relaxed moodwhere it attained number 8 in the R&ampB listing (King, 2015). Kinggot the idea on the second song from the Robert Nighthawk, whopublished the “Sweet Little Angel” (King, 2015). It was alsostylistic with horn sections. It was also eighth on the R&ampBlisting.


King,B. (2015). B. B. King. Retrieved fromhttp://www.biography.com/people/bb-king-9364839