Discussions on Fashion Designers Chosen

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Discussionson Fashion Designers Chosen

DonnaKaran: Bornin 1948, Donna Karan is an American fashion designer who has madehuge statements in the America’s fashion industry with her strikingsartorialcompetencies. Karan is famously known as the creatorof the DKNY clothing labels[ CITATION MSh07 l 2057 ].Whilegrowing up, Karan did not at any one time know that she would one daybe one of the world’s most feted and renowned fashion designerswith apparentlyher name being on numerous labels ranging from wear gears,fragrances, furnishings and accessories. Later in her thriving yearsin the fashion industry, Karan was recognized severally in manyawards such as the Designer of the Year of America award in 1990 and1996[ CITATION MSh07 l 2057 ]

Itis such recognitions and accolades for remarkable and incredible workthat have made Karan a striking role model to many fashion designerssuch as Stella McCateny, who is working off Karan’s model. In her work, Stella has centered on sustainable fashion with acollection of designs that beat style and elegance.Evidently,Stella is able to work through by bringing ladies’ fashion dreamsinto realism. Karan’s works are exceptionally skillful, artisticand brilliant. Her accomplishments are not only inspirational butmotivating as she has inspired other designers to dream, push forwardand triumph.

MadeleineVionnetwas a French fashion designer born in Loiret, France and grew up tobecome one of the most amazing and striking designers in France.Madeleinewasimmensely successful in the early twentieth century and this triumphwas crowned later when she founded her own fashion house called the‘Temple of Fashion’[ CITATION FAs07 l 2057 ].Throughouther career, Vionnet developed numerous concepts that are stillrelevant to-date to many world fashion designers such as the bias cutwhich was a cutting and leading edge innovation at that particulartime.

Madeleinecontributions to the fashion industry were also very astounding andstriking. She momentously fascinated with her absolutely amazinginnovative and sartorial skills. She also became the illustriousqueen of draping. This makes Vionnet one of our most celebratedfashion designers and through her work she has also inspired otherupcoming young fashion designers such as Katheline Polk, a hugefashion figure whose work breaks monotony and gives a break from thepredictable and routine, as her makes majorly center onstatement pieces complemented by some bias cuts just like Madeleine’swork. Her work is sure to make an enduring imprint globally.

Jean-PaulGaultier isa renowned French fashion designer and the creative director of thefamous Hermes. Throughout his career, Jean has been in charge ofseveral positions in the fashion industry such as being a designerof the United States Collections for Pierre Cardin[ CITATION XCh05 l 2057 ].Also,Jean is no exception as he has also inspired other fashion designerssuch as Olivier Rousteing who is thechief director for Balmain and has also been keen to break the normand routine to the men’s clothing apparels by breakingdown typecasts and challenging gender and social norms.


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