Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity in theWorkplace

Organizations are struggling to ensure that they have a diverseworkforce in terms of gender, education, age, race, and culturalidentities. It has beenproved that workplace diversity enhances customer and employeeloyalty, achieves broader service range, and increases adaptabilityin an organization. This paper will discuss the benefits as well asthe downfalls of diversity in the workplace.

The first benefit of diversity is broader service range. It helps anorganization to achieve a variety of experiences and skills which inturn enable it to serve customers from different parts of the world(Deane, 2013). Secondly, diversity results in increasedadaptability. Individuals from diverse backgrounds provide a widervariety of solutions to problems affecting the organization in theareas of allocation of resources, sourcing, and service delivery(Deane, 2013). Thirdly,diversity enhances customer and employee loyalty. A feeling of beingincluded enhances the employees’ sense of belonging and thisreduces their chances of quitting. On the other hand, customersachieve higher satisfaction when they are served by people whounderstand their culture and language(Deane, 2013).

On the other hand, organizations that have not adopted the idea ofdiversity face the problem of unmotivated workers who are always onthe lookout for opportunities in other companies that employ peoplefrom different backgrounds. As such, when there is no diversity inthe workplace employees feel that there unappreciated and undervalued(Deane, 2013). Therefore, anorganization that does not have a diverse workforce suffers from highemployee turnover. However,language, cultural and perceptual hindrances are some of thecommunication barriers that enterprises with a diverse workforceencounter. Some of the effects of communication barrier in businessenterprises include a lack of motivation and confusion. Besides, adiverse workforce makes the adaptation of changes much harder(Deane, 2013).

In conclusion, diversity in the workplace has been proved to bebeneficial since it helps businesses cultivate a good rapport betweenthem and their workers and customers.


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