Does Social Media Enhance or Hinder Interpersonal Relationships

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Does Social Media Enhance or HinderInterpersonal Relationships


Social media in the contemporary world is becoming more and morepopular as time advances. Social media groups such as Facebook andTwitter allow the users to communicate with each other from anywherein the world and all that is required is internet access. Individualsnow interact more regularly on social media than they communicatephysically. A Facebook user, for instance, can have over a thousandfriends on the social media platform but could never have reached somany friends in a physical environment. Some critics, however, arguethat friendships on social media are not intimate and can neverreplace the old fashioned way of interacting with each other. Themain objective of this study paper is to investigate if social mediais enhancing interpersonal relationships or hindering them. Thispaper is important as it offers the reader vital informationconcerning social media and its effects on individuals social lives.


Facebook is the largest social media platform in the globe with wellover a billion active users (Lenhart, 2015). Social media has evenstarted to replace live television as it grows in popularity. In thecontemporary world, social media and live television are becomingmore and more related making social media even more popular than everbefore. Most live television shows receive and provide feedback toits viewers through social media since it is instant and covers alarge number of opinions at a single time. News in the contemporaryworld breaks on social media well before any television news companycan broadcast it over the news channels. Facebook currently supportslive video streaming which is helpful to the platform users.

Social Media and InterpersonalRelationships

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are responsiblefor reducing the amount of physical contact among members of theplatforms, however social media platforms allow a user to interactwith a large array of diverse people and makes it easier for users tomake new friends. I think that social media is hindering some amountof interpersonal relationships. Before the era of social media, if anindividual wanted to interact with another, they either had to meetphysically or communicate via phone. A more personal kind ofinteraction was necessary before the advent of social media (Knapp,Vangelisti &amp Caughlin, 2014).

Social media has a lot of anonymity that is associated with it, aperson can pretend to be someone they are not on social media, and itis extremely difficult to confirm someone`s identity on social media.During one on one physical interaction, a person sees the otherperson, and it is more difficult to pretend to be someone one is not.Interpersonal relationships are made stronger if the people involvedinteract with each other more often and do activities together.Social media also offers individuals a large selection of potentialfriends to choose from meaning a user will spend more time trying tomake many friends and interact with different kinds of people insteadof growing a single interpersonal relationship.


This paper concludes that social media can assist in the formation ofinterpersonal relationships. However, social media is more of ahindrance than an enhancer for interpersonal relationships. Socialmedia allows an individual to interact with different types ofpeople, but to grow the relationship the individuals have to gobeyond social media.


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