Domestic Violence, Elite Athletes and Sexual Assault

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DomesticViolence, Elite Athletes and Sexual Assault

Inrecent times, college and professional athletes are repeatedly in thelimelight for being involved in sexual assault and domestic violence(Repetto, 2016). Conversely, these perpetrators are rarely convictedand punished for the crimes that they have committed. This studyseeks to analyze the purpose, method, results and feeling of aresearch article on domestic violence related to sports.


Thepurpose of the study is to evaluate the rate at which domesticviolence, especially in sport, occur in various universities acrossthe country and whether the issues of violence are related to thoseoccurring elsewhere (Repetto, 2016). Moreover, the research purposedto find out the manner in which different universities and collegeswere handling such issues and strategies put in place to ensure thatstudents are safe.


Printbooks, current event, scholarly journals, legal cases, doctoral andmasters’ theses, law reviews, and articles were examined. Mostresearch was carried out online by use of valid databases such asLexisNexis, ProQuest, SagePub and Psyclnfo (Repetto, 2016). It ishard to collect data because of the scarcity of quality studies andliterature, the inability of the victims to express themselves andrefusal of perpetrators to admit liability. Bureau of statisticsconcerned with Justice also provided data on arrest and convictioncases.


AlthoughBureau of Statistics concerned with Justice provided some data thatdetailed the arrested and sentenced non-athletes, there were fewcases of detained and sentenced elite-athletes. Elite athletes werefrequently arrested but rarely convicted. Approximately 26% and 81%and of non-athletes and elite athletes were detained respectively.Out of those suspects arrested, 53 % of the non-athletic suspectswere convicted yet only 29% of the elite athletes were found guilty(Repetto, 2016).

Feelingsabout the Article

Thisarticle is a revolutionary article because it touches on sensitiveareas that have had a great impact on the lives of people both in thepast and in the contemporary society. As such, the outcome of theresearch is very valuable to citizens, sports officials and lawenforcement agencies. Although the research indicates that it isdifficult to obtain data and information from government agencies,individual victims, and suspects, there was a need to carry outdetailed research especially by direct interview from victims.However, the research achieved its objectives with the resources andthe data that were available.


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