Donald J. Trump did not run a traditional campaign for President in Texas

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DonaldJ. Trump did not run a traditional campaign for President in Texas

DonaldJ. Trump did not run a traditional campaign for President in Texas

DonaldTrump successfully adopted a unique campaign approach in Texas andthe entire United States of America. The essay explains how he usedcontroversial messages to win the presidential nomination of theRepublican Party and the Presidency of the United States.

Thecampaign focused on putting the interests of Americans first. DonaldTrump called for the termination of the security agreement betweenthe United States and Japan. He claimed that Japan has sufficientmilitary resources to protect itself. The unusual campaign called forthe reduction in foreign aid because it reduces the financialresources of the United States (Schwartzman and Johnson, 2015).

TheRepublican candidate visited Texas several times with his message ofenhancing border security. He proposed building a wall along theborder of the United States and Mexico to prevent illegal immigrantsfrom entering the United States. He generated uproar from otherpoliticians by referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico as“rapists” (Schwartzman and Johnson, 2015).

CandidateTrump preferred the social media, as opposed to traditional pressreleases, to communicate campaign information. He used his Twitterhandle, @realDonaldTrump,to engage with millions of Americans directly and immediately. Trumpwas the most mentioned candidate on Facebook during the 2016elections (Khan, 2017).

Trumpengaged in several rallies across the United States with the aim ofmeeting millions of voters directly. Supporter passion was alsoraised to improve the popularity of candidate Trump. He appealed tothe radical non-Muslim voters by claiming that Muslims from othercountries will not be given entry into the United States. Theobjective of the proposed ban on Muslim immigration was to protectthe United States from terror threats and attacks by radical Muslims(Schwartzman and Johnson, 2015).

Trump’scampaign is an effective determinant of how future politicalcampaigns will be done in the United States and globally. This isbecause the social media will be used by candidates to pass messagesto millions of voters in different places (Khan, 2017). Futurecampaigns will also be based on national security. Candidates willcontinue to discuss the best method of protecting citizens fromdomestic and global attacks.

The2017 presidential election was interesting. Candidate Hillary Clintonwon the popular votes by millions. However, Candidate Donald Trumpwon the Electoral College votes and is the President of the UnitedStates currently.


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