Dosage by Weight Question

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Dosageby Weight


Thisis a mathematical discussion question going into week 5, and the DQis &quotUsing the formula 2ml/kg, calculate the dosage of contrastmedia recommended for a person your size. Compare your dosage withother students.&quot

Iweigh approximately 198 lbs&nbsp


Formulais given as

Myweight is 198lbs

Conversionof lb. into kg

Applythe formula

Comparisonwith Other Students

Miller(2014) acknowledges that computedtomographic (CT) technology provides opportunities to improve theimage quality and our clinical practice but similarly comes with newchallenges in equal measure. While CT technology has advancedtechnology, the practice of CT intravenous contrast media has equallyfaced a number of debate. Contrast media circulates in the body ofpatient through the blood. This means that, it dilutes the blood andthen gets dispersed through the patient’s body circulatory system(Miller, 2014).

Theeffect of dilution differs with different organs that are distal fromthe injection area. Miller (2014) recognizes that weight, mass,surface area and mass index are crucial factors that determinesdilution contrast media. Heavy weight patients are characterized bylarger blood volumes than small weighted patients since blood volumeis closely related to body weight. Contrast media will thereforedilute more in heavy weighted body than a small weighted bodies.Thisexplains why I require a higher dosage than Theresa whose weight isless than mine.


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