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DragonBall Z



The differences between men and women occur due to many factors.Males and females are assigned varied roles depending on societalstandards. Biological differences also create distinctions thatdefine behavior. For instance, men are required to provide for theirhouseholds while women play a supportive role in the family (Lindsey,2015). Gender differences present both opportunities and limitationsfor both males and females. Granted, none of the variations betweenmen and women are meant to imply inferiority. Gender is defined underthe theoretical perspective of feminism. The latter concept shows howthe society is biased against women. In fact, females experiencevarious inequalities due to misconceptions. For instance, women arepaid less than men even when both fulfill the same obligations.Females also have reduced representation in politics and otherpositions of leadership (Lindsey, 2015). Women are presumed to be fitfor domestic duties such as housekeeping. On the other hand, lawsconcerning custody arrangements are designed to favor women.


Feminism is manifested through the portrayal of females as inferiorto men. In this respect, women cannot exist on their own right. Theyhave to rely on men for stability and sustenance. Females are alsoviewed as objects for sexual gratification. Men would often havefantasies about women. In , females are always portrayedin relation to males. For instance, Chi-chi is portrayed as anobsessive parent concerned about her children. Chi-Chi is featured inthe story since she is married to Goku. Hence, she is not portrayedas a character in her own right. Furthermore, Bulma is portrayed as asex object. She is intelligent and highly motivated to help invarious conflicts. Nevertheless, Master Roshi has sexual fantasiesconcerning Bulma. The latter is also molested and sexualized by othercharacters. Eighteen is treated as evil and undesirable due to herimmense power. Her voice is also deeper than other female characters.Therefore, her feminine nature is depicted as evil and undesirable.


The diversity in human nature is most often represented through race.People from different regions usually have varied skin color andattitudes. Racial factors define a person’s character and behavior.Admittedly, some stereotypes are used to define people from certainraces. In this regard, a particular group could view itself as eithersuperior or inferior to another. Race is linked to the theoreticalperspective of social conflict. The conflict perspective is enhancedby the competition for scarce resources. Hence, different groups insociety would have conflicts during their interactions. The conflictperspective operates on a macro level since it considers the societyas a whole (Henslin, Possamai, Possamai-Inesedy, Marjoribanks, &ampElder, 2015). Racism is one of the greatest aspects of the conflictperspective. The differences between various races create animosityand hatred.


Racism primarily occurs when people are associated with certainprofessions. For example, blacks are recognized as blue-collarlaborers while whites are associated with white-collar jobs.Furthermore, blacks have restricted access to higher education whilewhites comprise the majority of students in learning institutions. In, Mr. Popo manifests the stereotypes that are mostlyapplied to black people. The character is depicted as an assistantdeity responsible for the grounds of Kami. Mr. Popo is also used asan attendant to the Guardian. Notably, the character is treated as aslave since he is bound to his duties as a caretaker and gardener.This depiction evokes racial undertones since blacks were primarilyused as slaves on plantations. Whites considered slaves as theirproperty and hence restricted their freedom of movement. Blacks wererequired to work for long hours under harsh conditions before theycould buy their freedom. Besides, Killa represents some aspects ofracism as shown through his speech patterns, dressing style, andbehavior. Both Mr. Popo and Killa are depicted with big, pink lips.Killa is used as a muscular warrior, a fact that highlights themasculinity of blacks. The character is also notable for anincoherent manner of speech. This highlights the stereotype thatassumes blacks are less educated than their white compatriots.


The society requires authoritative figures to ensure harmony andunity. Anarchy and chaos would result if law enforcement agencieswere inexistent. Police officers are required to ensure law andorder. The government also formulates policies that seek the bestinterests of all citizens. Social organization is relatable to thesymbolic interactionist theory. This theoretical perspective exploreshow humans interact with one another (Henslin et al., 2015). It showsthe relationships that develop among individuals within a society.Some of the most prominent symbols include communication andliterature. Language provides a framework for humans to communicatewith one another.


The symbolicinteractionist theory is reflective of order and authority. Differentforms of rulership were established to govern a certain jurisdictionof people. In , various symbols were used to depictaspects of order. For example, the red army and stars show theimportance of order. The society of humanoid Saiyans was committedtowards dismantling the human race. Raditz was prepared to abductGohan while trying to coerce Goku. In addition, featured a single world government.


The society is typically organized into different units. Suchcalibrations enable people to enjoy a semblance of peace and order.The family arrangement provides a framework through which childrencan be born and raised. Parents are obligated to provide food andshelter for their children. In this regard, the man must work to earnmoney that will be used to acquire basic needs. On the other hand,the woman helps to perform household duties. The man acts as head ofthe family and hence is required to make important decisions(Lindsey, 2015). The wife is obligated to respect and support thehusband’s decisions. Children must also obey their parents andfulfill the expectations placed on them. Socialization coincides withthe structural-functional theory. The latter theoretical perspectiverefers to the complex and interconnected nature of the society(Henslin et al., 2015). In this respect, every institution acts likea body organ that contributes to proper functioning of the society.


The structural-functional theory manifests through the establishmentof proper family dynamics. Men and women involve themselves inheterosexual relationships. In many instances, children result frommarriages. In , Goku was married to Chi-Chi. The couplealso had children such as Gohan. Chi-Chi was depicted as showingimmense concern for her children. Goku was also protective of hischildren. The structural-functional theory also manifests through therelationship between siblings. Brothers and sisters share a closerelationship that can extend into adulthood. In , Gokureconnected with his long-lost brother named Raditz. The latter triedto convince Goku to join him in the battle against humanity.Therefore, family ties were useful in propagating crucial valueswithin the society.


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