Early School Age

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Early school time refers to the era when kids start mounting eatingand exercise behaviors. During this age, they are familiarized withschooling. Kids of this age are kept in the house under closesupervision of their parents. They are entertained through use oftechnology. This essay will discuss a television program, Kid Nation,and its influence on kids.

I watched thekid nation program that entailed of 40 children who stayed away fromtheir guardians. The themes discussed in the program are unity andseparation. The children are united during the time they are stayingtogether in their new world. Separation comes in when the childrenare taken away from their guardians.

The programassumes the labor laws. The children have been presumed to be adults,and they are being engaged in hard work for the rest of the daymaking. The children who are acting in the program are left to doeverything on their own without seeking guidance.

The intellectual concepts depicted in the program are when thechildren are given freedom to do things in their own way. The socialconcept is illustrated when the children are left to mingle amongstthemselves and share the ideas that they have. The idea of emotion isbrought in when the children are separated from their guardians andthey stay alone. Emotionally as they are not much attached to theirparents.

The early age shows are educative and they make the minds of the kidsto develop. The program, Kid Nation, as designed to show thatchildren can as well survive on their own given an opportunity torule on their lives. In conclusion, the television programs areeducative as they choose themes that can make kids to learn a lessonout of them.