Education Influence

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Thefield of nursing is a significant sector in our society. Byundergoing the full course, one must admit that the knowledge andskills learnt as a graduate in nursing are diverse and paramount. Mygraduate education influenced my capstone project positively. I wasable to incorporate some of the theoretical knowledge acquired duringmy education and also skills based knowledge to come up with theproposal and also in implementing and completing the project(Bélanger,&amp Ducharme, 2015).

Goodcapstone project involve utilization of both scientific andtheoretical knowledge in the implementation of the project. Iincorporated theoretical scientific knowledge to come up with myproposal as well as knowledge on research methodology to ensure thatthe project was of the expected standard. The theoretical informationwas essential aiding my understanding of the topic and also some ofthe factors related to the topic which could affect the outcome of myproject (Bélanger,&amp Ducharme, 2015).

Educationplays a role in creating more opportunities for personal developmentincluding career wise and socially. My education has increased mychances of getting a better job where I can provide more complexservices and with a higher pay which in turn will boost my socialstatus. I also anticipate to stand chance to be given more leadershipresponsibilities and also the opportunity to further in my studies toa higher level (Bélanger,&amp Ducharme, 2015).

Educationexposes one to the art of being more creative, innovative and beinginquisitive as part of the core principles of the modern nursing. Asa future nurse scholar, I anticipate to come up with more innovationsin the nursing sector which aim at reducing health risks as nursesdeliver their services to the patients and also improve the workingconditions of the nurses.


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