Elements of Salvation

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Elementsof Salvation

Paprocki (2017) argues that religious leaders must fulfill differentaspects of canon law to facilitate salvation. On the other hand, thebook portrays salvation by therapy as devoid of spiritual values(Wilkens &amp Sanford, 2010). The article also attributes thedecline in Mass attendance to a widespread increase in presumption.Other adherents have stopped attending the Sacrament of Penance(Paprocki, 2017). In this regard, many people feel that suchpractices have no bearing on eternal salvation. The article shows howsalvation has been erroneously viewed as unattainable. Some peopleconsider themselves as too sinful beyond redemption. Bishops andother ordained ministers have a considerable role in teaching membersof the congregation about salvation (Paprocki, 2017). Furthermore,the article shows that salvation is only possible through thesacrificial blood of Jesus. Consequently, an individual can onlyexperience salvation through divine mercy.

Moreover, the book shows how theological resources are presumed tohave little therapeutic value (Wilkens &amp Sanford, 2010). Thelatter methods are erroneous since they depict psychological problemsas spiritual difficulties. The book argues that behavioral andpsychological challenges must be rendered as psychological issues(Wilkens &amp Sanford, 2010). Clients burdened with suchdifficulties can be helped using salvation by therapy.

Salvation by therapy reduces the severity of spiritual problems. Thisis accomplished by defining spiritual problems in terms ofpsychological concepts (Wilkens &amp Sanford, 2010). Hence, allproblems are reduced to aspects of psychological maladjustment.Psychology is primarily viewed as a subject that can be seamlesslyintegrated into Christian views (Wilkens &amp Sanford, 2010).However, salvation by therapy provides its worldview as an optimumalternative to religious opinions. Paprocki (2017) depicts salvationas a facet of presumption. The feelings of many people have changedwith the passage of time. In particular, fewer people seek penancefor their sinful attitudes and actions. The article highlights therole of Bishops in helping adherents to achieve salvation.


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