Employees Motivation

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Employeemotivation arises when a given degree of commitment is shownregarding what the workers of a particular firm can bring to theirjobs. The management has to find ways of motivating them regardlessof the state of the economy. It is evident in big businesses thoughthe small ones should also practice the same. It is imperative tostate what to do and say to keep the workers motivated.

Identifyingthe hardworking employees is crucial because they get the morale tocontinue being productive and also challenge the less performing onesto double their efforts and reach the same level as their fellows.Jobs should be designed in a way that motivates employees by drawingtheir attention to work effectively in getting the job done to attainthe set goals. Rewards are also necessary for this area. However, themanagement should know that this can either be financial ornon-financial as far as the employee awards are concerned. Althoughfinancial rewards like money and other compliments are preferred, theintrinsic ones also have an effect on the productivity, performanceand keeping high work spirits. The extrinsic motivation can,therefore, be punishments or rewards. Intrinsic motivation, on theother hand, comes from an individual worker because of the nature ofthe work which is satisfying and enjoyable. Clear communication needsto be maintained between employees and staff and having each andeveryone has control over his job (Halsey and Halsey, 2017).

Inconclusion, employee motivation takes several forms that must be allutilized by the management staff in ensuring that the workers havethe spirit to increase their productivity. Although the financialrewards may be preferred, it is better for all the other methods tobe used. If this is effectively done, the workers get encouraged towork and keep high standards of performance.


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