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DonQuixote is a Spanish novel authored by Cervantes Saavedra. It isconsidered one of the most influential literature work in the GoldenAge. Don Quixote is an ancient work of the Western writing and themost read fictional work ever printed. The story unfolds as hidalgowho reads chivalric romances loses sanity and sets out to revivechivalry and bring justice to the universe. In its unfolding,Cervantes employs the use of literature techniques such asmetatheatre, realism, and intertextuality. Don Quixote is a criticaldevelopment in literature and exhibitsfeatures that make it different from other ancient literature workthrough humour, characterization, mockery and lyrical and poeticstyles as illustrated below.

DonQuixote does not adequately use comedy and humour extensively incomparison to the other Greek`s literature like Odyssey. The author,represents Don Quixote as parody, less convincing by the idea‘addle-brained hidalgo,` as a comedic hero. There is no accuraterepresentation of comic heroes in the literary work. However, it isan opposite entity in comparison to Odyssey. The author uses comedyto express the elemental strain on human nature. The author treatsOdysseus as a tragic hero in the same way heroism is brought out inThe Iliad. The author explains the way old comedy demonstrates howphysical and spiritual release is the comedic results of eliminatingsocial constraints.

DonQuixote, just like the other ancient writers, Iliad, mock otherliterature existent then in those ancient ages. In Iliad`s poem, is alittle mock-heroic written in the ancient date? The little poem waswritten was attributed to Homer genius. In those ancient days then,the use criticism served to determine the genuine of any ancientwriting. The poem seemed to suggest that it was a plan and palpableparody. In the same way, Don Quixote employs the use of satire in hisliterary book and this refers to the mockery of other ancient novels.Don Quixote is a typical renaissance in the manner in which it mocksthe chivalric culture of the Middle Ages as old-school. He arguesthat the age of complete chivalric romance is dead and disappeared.Miguel de Cervantes` mission was to write this excellent, loved andglobally praised the piece of literature for selling many books and,through this mock the other novels that had preceded it. This part ofthis infamous book worked and changed the literature of the world.

Moreso, these ancient writings use different writing style to bringmeaning and relevance to their literary work. Don Quixote writes in acontinuous prose explaining to the reader the unfolding of events,use of humour and description. On the other hand, both Iliad andOdyssey, use the poetic style in bringing their point`s home. In factsometimes, in certain texts, it is not easy to understand because ofthe lyrical style. The two writers employ the riches and depth of theuse of poems giving a better understanding of what is going happeningand at the same time acting like pictures in a story. The story letsHomer use imagery and emotions that might otherwise is all words.

Therefore,there are clear differences like the use of poetic style in writingbetween the Don Quixote and the previous literature like Iliad andOdyssey. However, there are also similar characteristics between themand their use of comic humour in characterization.