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Running header: EARTHQUAKES 1

  1. In the last 30 days 667 earthquakes of magnitude, greater than 4.0 have happened all over the world.

  2. The strongest earthquake happening on 24th February 2017 with a magnitude of 6.9

Theepicentre was at the south of Fiji islands, at the South PacificOcean

Theearthquake had a hypocenter depth of 415km

Theearthquake was a convergent.

  1. The red colour indicate earthquakes that occur on divergent boundaries while blue indicate transform plate boundaries and yellow indicate convergent boundaries and white are undefined earthquakes. The strongest earthquake is indicated in yellow, which indicates that it is a convergent earthquake.

Theearthquake was a result of movement of the pacific plate and theAustralian plate (PNSN, 2017). The pacific plate is overriding whilethe Australian plate is sub ducting.

Thesub ducting plate is moving northeast.


Thered arrow shows the fault trace.

The black arrow shows the foot wall.


PacificNorthwest Sesmic Network (2016) Plate tectonics Retrieved 18/03/2017