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Iam an SHSM Business Student at Emily Carr Secondary School and havesuccessfully finalized business courses in Economics andInternational Relations. While at Carr, I have performed exemplarilyin academic and non-academic areas, which have earned me variousawards. I have received Honor Roll awards from Grade 9 to 11 foroutstanding performing in schools and accorded Science awards inGrade 9 and 10, and a Chemistry award in Grade 11. Other recognitionawards that I have received are from participating in Total DefenseCorporation, and Doorsteps Neighborhood. My high schoolspecialization in Business Studies is influenced by my ambition toadvance my education to an undergraduate program in Business at theUniversity of Central Florida. I believe that my advancement inacademics from Woodbridge to Florida will give me more exposure sincemy life now has been concentrated in Ontario, Canada. The opportunitywill also provide a learning experience from a new environment, and Iam confident that the University of Central Florida will mold meadequately and streamline my career into the business profession(University of Central Florida, n.d.).

Myprofessional experience has revolved around Canada since 2013. Myrecent assignment was from September 2016 to January 2017 at CarrLaw. I was responsible for preparing lease agreements between theproprietor and the tenants, updated digital information on the CaseTracker database, and performed other administration duties to ensurethat the documents were in order, and the office remained organized.Also, I worked as a peer tutor from 2015 to 2016. I managed to assiststudents in preparing personal schedules that enabled them toprioritize their duties within the set timeframe and taught themeasier ways of grasping mathematics concepts. I have been a debateclub member since 2015, and the platform gives me a chance toarticulate my opinions in discussing emerging issues in our dailylives. I held a leadership position in a Summer Camp in 2013, and myresponsibility was to promote a safe environment by making PowerPointpresentations and monitoring my peers to prevent them from succumbingto avoidable injuries. My encounter at Carr Law acquainted me to abusiness administrator’s duties and law concepts. Although it tooka short while, it prepared me with hands-on skills on what isexpected of an individual like me who wants to align his/her careerin a Business discipline. Besides engaging in community programs andworking, I find pleasure in playing piano, dancing, photography, andreading.

Iam an all-rounded individual with excellent knowledge on businessdynamics. I posit sound management skills and I am a firm believerthat every chance carries with it new lessons to learn. I organized asuccessful one-match event to assist a child in finding a bone-marrowmatch for a compatible transplant. The match involved marketing theevent through flyer distribution, word of mouth around the school andthe community, and the approach to CTV Television Network and VaughanCitizen intensified the publicity of the event(Lacobucci, 2016).My communication skills improved since I had to explain to theaudience what the event entailed. Similarly, I also gained timemanagement and organizational skills because eventually the goal ofthe event actualized and a match for the child found within thestipulated schedule.

Woodbridgehas had a lot in disposal for my career advancement and knowledgeaccumulation. I believe that I have done my fair share in Canada byutilizing opportunities presented to me and developing a businessperspective. Thus, my objective is to secure a position at theUniversity of Central Florida to pursue a Bachelor’s degree inmanagement with a specialization in law and accounting, since I feelthat there is more that I need to learn in business and I want tohave a strong professional background.


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