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My favorite dish

Sushi is a personal favorite in matters food. Being a traditionalJapanese food, the fresh smelling dish is composed of raw fishcombined with vinegar rice alongside vegetables and spices. The tastydish is spicy but sweet and can be termed as juicy and salty onceeaten. This love drives me almost daily to sushi lunches. This ispurely based on the yummy nature of the food. Besides, sushi is asilent food that may feel weird upon touch but very creamy onconsumption. I am watching my calories, yet I can eat sushi all week.

Shopping behaviors of two family member

Shopping is a personal initiative in my family. On scrutiny, it iseasily noticeable that shopping habits differ based on variousfactors such as age and financial strength. My sister happens to bean impulse shopper, she purchases products unplanned and on basis offeelings and emotions. Additionally, she likes to gather backgroundinfo on each brand product from attendants. Thus, all her financesalmost end up on new and interesting products. She dislikes onlineshopping as she values to feel the touch of a product beforepurchasing. However, my teenage brother is a need-based shopper heshops with intent on a particular product. He happens to be a loyalconsumer who values the brand first rather than the product. Hedislikes window-shopping and instead does research online on newproducts before purchasing either in stores or online.

Setbacks experienced

In the use of compound sentences, comma splices created a challengeas a commas were not enough in connecting two sentences. The stylingerrors necessitated the use of a coordinating conjunction inconnecting the sentences. Additionally, sentences a semi-colon or acoordination conjunction to run together. The use of complexsentences proved rather easy even though the subordinatingconjunction determined the punctuation. The using of subordinatingconjunctions in connecting sentences required proper comma placementso as not to affect sentence construction. The use of compoundsentences while also using complex sentences in the same paragraphrequired keen analysis so as not to deviate from the subject matter.