Ethanol in Wine

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Ethanolin Wine

Ethanolin Wine

Todetermine if the claim is fraudulent, there is a need to ascertainthe patent of the new instrument including evidence of inventors, itsapplication number, publication number, publication type, publicationdate, priority date, and filing date. The patent will determine ifthere is any right granted for the new instrument. Evidence relatingto accuracy and efficacy of the instrument is also necessary.Firstly, to determine if the instrument can accurately measure theethanol content of wine by measuring its density, it is vital toconsider whether it can effectively control the temperature of thesample. The temperature needs to be well managed to ensure that thedensity is measured with high precision (The Australian Wine ResearchInstitute, 2017).

Densitymeters can be used throughout the year for specific density andgravity readings. Some current digital density meters have anin-built thermostat that controls the temperature very accurately. It also has to use distillation to separate the non-volatile andvolatile components from a wine sample. The density of the ethanolcontent then has to be adequately determined from the resultingdistillate. The wine sample needs to be degassed before measuringthe density for greater accuracy. Currently, density meters are usedto gauge the density of a sample. In-built conversion scales areimportant in converting the density readings to alcohol content.Nonetheless, there are published tables that can help in theconversion. The new instrument also requires a valid calibrationapparatus for standard solutions of ethanol in water. Themethodology for determining the density needs to be accurate.Currently, digital density meters have an oscillating U-tube thathelps in analyzing a small amount of sample. Accuracy and precisionof the new instrument should determine its efficacy in measuring theethanol content of wine by measuring its density.


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