Ethical and Legal Issues

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Ethicaland Legal Issues


Ethicaland Legal Issues

Theethical and legal issues concerning nursing research studies havebeen a topic of heated discussion among researchers, lawyers, andphilosophers. The paper tries to elucidate on various aspects ofunethical research in nursing.

DoYou Think Unethical Research is a Thing of the Past?

Inmy opinion, there are numerous instances where researchers violatethe rights of the subjects, during unethical studies. For instance,researchers may fail to protect the subjects as expected, harm, oreven treat them partially during a study[ CITATION Bur14 l 1033 ].Besidesthe violation of research subjects’ rights, research misconductbehaviors such as plagiarism and fabrication persist.

Howthe Subjects were Vulnerable

TheInstitutional Review Board (IRB) recognizes various classes ofvulnerable subjects, during a research study[ CITATION Hou16 l 1033 ].Vulnerablegroups in the research study included pregnant women, neonates,fetuses, and children. The populations mentioned above aresusceptible to unwarranted influence or have a limited understandingof the entire process.

IsThere a Conflict of Interest?

Yes,there is a conflict of interest that is potential, actual, andperceived and has a significant impact on the research result. TheIRB does not perceive conflict of interest as misconduct however, itinterferes with the subjects’ interests[ CITATION Bur14 l 1033 ].

WhichProtection Should be put in Place to Protect these Subjects FromHarm?

Theresearchers could review various factors such as the choice of theparticipants, risk level, and the ability to provide informedconsent. The law demands consent from the respective subjects beforebeing involved in the study.

Whatare the Incidences and Prevalence of Moral Distress in Nursing Today?

Thereare myriad factors that can be attributed to the risingcontroversies. For instance, the complexity of the ethical codes andregulations that surround research, shifting of research intochallenging fields such as technology and genetics, and thecomplexity involved in human rights might all have a significantcontribution to the existing concerns about the ethical conduct ofresearch[ CITATION Hou16 l 1033 ].


Itis important to observe myriad ethical aspects when conductingnursing research. As such, future research studies ought to becarried out through the recommended legal and ethical processes. As aresult, researchers avoid moral distress and conflict of interest.


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