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:Starting Over with a New Foster Child

Severalpolicy issues affect the foster care and adoption system in themodern societies. The most notable issue involves the presence ofnon-nuclear biological family for the foster kid who has already beenadopted. This paper is an analysis of the ethical aspects of thisfamily issue as presented in a recent article in The New York Timesby a foster parent.


Thearticle is written by a foster mother who is adopting a new fosterson. This is the second attempt at adoption after the first one wentto live with a biological family after a year of staying with thefoster family. The writer explains the emotional distress it took onher family – husband and a biological son. The setting of thearticle is inside the bedroom of the new foster son (Walbert, 2017).The writer together with the foster son, are moving his ‘stuff’into his new bedroom, where hopefully he will stay and not leave. Inthe process of pulling down hangings and stickers from the wall, asper the son’s preference, the writer doubts her level ofpreparedness for the process all over again.

PolicyImplications to Families

Ifa non-nuclear family of an adopted child emerges and requests to havethem, the law is in their favor. It is the policy that the fosterfamily will be located and the child taken from them and placed withthe biological family after some due diligence. This is in totaldisregard of the adopted child and foster family’s feelings orwishes.


Thisarticle brings out a relevant family policy issue in the modernsociety. The separation of a foster kid is like the death of a familymember to the foster family which takes a lot of time and effort toheal from. A family life professional is necessary upon adoption toprepare the foster parents on the possible outcomes of the adoptionprocess – positive and negative. The healing process also requiresthe intervention of family life educator to ensure quick and completehealing.


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