Evaluation of Jaws (1975)

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Evaluationof Jaws(1975)

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Evaluationof Jaws(1975)

Jawsis an American thriller created in 1975 and directed by StephenSpielberg as put by IDMB (2012). It features some famous actors suchas Robert Shaw, Roy Schneider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Peter Benchleyamong others. The movie is based on the tragedies caused by a shark,which invades the coastal waters near the Beach of Amity Island. Thefilm won three Oscar awards since it was developed. Even with suchachievements, it is essential to evaluate it based on specificelements such as the acting, cinematography, and special effects. Fora movie to be regarded as good, the cinematography, special effects,and acting should be outstanding.

Specialeffects in a film are applied in the camerawork, props, computergraphics, and sound among others, to create an exceptional movie.Movies that have excellent and innovative special effects are alwaystermed as good and such often win numerous awards. Jaws (1975)incorporated multiple special effects in its development. Thedirector was very creative and appropriately applied effects such asthe Dolly Zoom in the shooting of the film as shown by IDMB (2012).The sharks in the film also look very real and manage to create thescary effect in which they were meant to do. The mechanical effectsin the shark also worked out in a nice manner creating a high degreeof realism. A movie’s excellence regarding special effects is alsodetermined by the use of sound and music. Such should be incorporatedin a manner that fits the genre of the movie and creates the desiredemotions. In Jaws,a renowned music composer, John Williams, created the tunes. The mainsoundtrack, for example, uses a simple alternating pattern of the E-Fand the F-F sharp notes. This was epic in the creation of suspenseand an electrifying effect, which fits well in the basing on thegenre of the movie.

Thecinematography matters a lot in determining the quality of a movieand its effectiveness in creating the desired effect to its audience.The director also has to be innovative in this aspect to ensure thatthe film achieves the desired intention. In Jaws (1975), theSpielberg incorporated the “track shot” technique, which allowsthe subjects to be followed across the frame. This was combinedcarefully and intelligently with the dolly shot to create compellingvisual movements. The technique allows one to visualise the movementof the shark, building up adrenaline in the audience’s system justas intended.

Anice movie incorporates actors who take up their roles in aneffective manner. Looking at the main actors in Jaws,the roles are well played, and the actors fit their charactersappropriately. They also use their props in a suitable manner, andtheir costumes are well selected to fit the theme of the movie. Brodyperfects the role of a protagonist while the mayor in the moviebrings out the character of an antagonist in a proper way. The crowdin the movie also plays their role in an efficient manner as theyhelp in intensifying the terror, showing different moods, and puttingrealism in the film, which makes the movie incredible.

Agood film is that whose cinematography, acting, and special effectsare superb. These three are among the aspects that determine thequality of a movie as suggested by Pierson (2013). Jawsstands out as an excellent film basing on the three and how theyrelate to supporting the theme of the movie,


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