Exemplification Paper

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Securinga job and providing services successfully is a fulfillingopportunity, especially for a young person. Throughout the workingperiod, a lot can be learned both negative and positive from anyorganization. My experience at a cafe where I was serving coffeeoffered many meaningful lessons.

Itwas evident that quality customer service is a key component when itcomes to running a firm. The main aim of any business is to make aprofit, and in a consumer-driven market, one cannot think of businesswithout extraordinary customer service. Competition among firms orcompanies is becoming stiffer, and deadlines are inescapable. Theconsumer of any service or good that a company is giving can break orbuild a business. Many people overlook this fact as they start or runtheir business. The importance of good customer experience should notbe underestimated at any workplace. Excellent customer service canbenefit a company in many uncalculated ways and build profits for it.Good dissemination of duty gives the customer a positive andmemorable experience.

Anexceptional service can give a business promotion through word ofmouth marketing. When clients receive quality services without adoubt, they have a tendency of discussing it on their socialnetworks, which leads to increased popularity for the company. Goodcustomer experience can boost business growth because of an increasein client base. After the experience of one customer and by word ofmouth praises, other customers would want to get the same experience,thereby raising the customer base.

Theincrease in sales is also as a result of an excellent customerservice meaning the investors or stakeholder in the company would besatisfied and want to invest more because of making a good profit. Italso reduces the risks of business failure. Through the customers,one can learn the market trends and know what is expected. It is alsoeasy to understand the mindset and expectations of the client throughit. Understanding of excellent customer service ensures that acompany collects feedback from the client. Through analysis of thecomments, the company can understand the strengths and weaknesses ofthe consumers and after that adopt successful business strategies.

Customers’good feedback ultimately has an effect on the working environment.When they are happy, the workers also tend to be happy and motivatedto work exceptionally well and give even better services. It helps inthe reduction of employee turnover which internally affects the humanresource financially by making regular recruitments. Additionally,increased profits mean good salary packages for the staff. It alsoboosts productivity within a company platform (Dixon, Toman &ampDeLisi, 2013).

Excellentcustomer service gives an entity a good reputation. Repeat sales arenot by chance they are customer-driven. An appreciated customer is arepeat one who does not come alone. Good praises for the company willbe at the tip of any customer who receives an excellent service. Italso aids the company in creating a niche in its target market. Thus,providing excellent customer experience sets companies apart fromeach other.

Tosum up, I learned valuable lessons while serving coffee in a café.For instance, it was clear that customer feedback is important forbusiness because a business knows what clients demand most. Thecompany can contact the customers who give high scores when gettingdata feedback, build strong relationships, and encourage them tobring in more clients. Through constant feedback, one can make orimprove the quality of services provided. Conversely, poorly-servedclients tend to look for other options. It is simpler to retain acustomer than find new ones in a competitive market.


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