Experience or Education

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Experienceor Education

Experienceor Education

Journal Entry1

The best way toevaluate the leadership abilities of Scott Walker is to assess hisperformance as the governor of Wisconsin. Data shows improvedperformance in the area of job creations, minimum wage, and cuts inbudget deficits (James, 2015 Para 3). The fact that he was re-electedshow the confidence the people in him. The paper is a responsejournal to the debate about experience versus education.

Journal Entry2

Scott Walker hasheld several senior leadership positions before (James, 2015 Para 5).Obviously, he has experience in managing public resources. However,the sticking question is whether the experience he has gathered isenough to help him manage the affairs of the whole country. Educationthough important is not central to the success of the publicofficial. Furthermore, for any position, people are often asked todemonstrate experience in the job. Therefore, experience, integrity,and transparency are the important attributes of a public official.

Journal Entry3

The Constitutionof the United States does not expressly bar anyone from vying for thepresidency due to lack of higher education. The vital requirement isfor the candidate to be a citizen of the United States. In any case,America is supposed to offer equal opportunities to all. In otherwords, nobody should feel less important in the society (James, 2015Para 6). If the ideals of the American society were to be followed tothe letter, then there is no single reason why Walker should notcontest for the seat. In my view, a degree should not bar anyone tohold a high public office.

Journal Entry4

I would have noproblem voting for a presidential candidate lacking a degree for tworeasons. Education does not define the success in life. Some of themost successful business leaders in America such as Bill Gates neverfinished their higher education (James, 2015 Para 8). Furthermore,Abraham Lincoln never had a degree but became the greatest presidentof all time.

In conclusion,education is regarded as the greatest equalizer. It bridges the gapbetween the poor and the rich. However, talents and experiences arewhat truly define the success of an individual. Scott Walker canmobilize and influence people. Nothing disqualifies him fromcontesting the seat of the President of the United States.


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