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The purpose of any debate is to inform or educate participants in adiscussion. However, debates attract a lot of different arguments andreasoning. People might make an argument that looks unsound andirrelevant to the discussion. In some instances, one arguer canattack the other based on their dislike for that person and so on(Cummings 10). Briefly, a fallacy is a flawed reasoning. In afallacious argument, facts do not matter. The fallacy occurs incomedy, politics and almost all spheres of human life. The paper willdiscuss examples of informal fallacious statements.

Some advertisement fallacies comprise smoking decline the chances ofacquiring cancer without eliminating it, cities with many hospitalshave high incidences of cancer people and a fantastic website thatrarely works. Other advertisement fallacies by the business insiderinclude that the rate of divorce relates to per capita consumptionand high unemployment rate prevents the construction of houses in acity.

Comedy strip comics include if Alchemy was trusted by Newton everyoneshould trust him, numerous people bought the collection so it isimpressive and Hitler appeared to be a veggie lover so all the veganscould not be trusted. Other comic strips comprise do not listen tohis arguments as he lied in the past, if outsiders did not take mypaper it would not have been stolen, and failure to vote for theapplicant means that you are a candidate who is the false dilemma.


Following anearthquake at Mount Kinabalu, the deputy chief minister claimed thatthe quake occurred because a group of European tourists had strippedat the peak of the mountain. The insolent behaviors of the Europeansangered the spirits (Cummings 19). In reality, earthquakes occur dueto movement of tectonic plates. Therefore, the minister conclusion onthe cause of shock is fallacious

In lateDecember, Dickens said he would no longer be using British trainssince the Britain railroad accidents quota in that year had not beenmet. The conclusion by Dickens was fallacious because, it assumedthat before the year-end, a disaster must happen to fill up the quota(Cummings 28).The reduced deaths from the railroad is a testament toimproved safety. Dickens should be more encouraged ride the trains.

Two guys werecommenting on a political event from the news article. The second manasks. What if there is another way apart from what in the twoarticles. The first person rebuffs, like what? The second man couldnot produce a third opinion on the political event (Cummings 33).However, just because he does not have the third article and opinionit does not mean, there is no third opinion. The case is an exampleof an informal fallacy.

Considerpresidential debate where Ted Cruz refers to Donald Trump as havingsmall hands. Obviously, the point about small hands is irrelevant tothe discussion on who should be the GOP nominee. In this case, thefallacy is a form of personal attack to divert the attention of thedebaters. The issue is who was best suited to carry the GOP flag andnot who has small or long hands (Cummings 32).

In a DemocraticParty debate, Senator Bernie Sanders claimed that gun laws would notgive everyone what they want. Particularly, he made a point thatthose wishing to have a grenade launcher in their backyard many neverget a constitution protection to do that (Cummings 31). Apparently,Sander was exaggerating facts, nobody wishes to have a grenadelauncher, and the truth of the matter is people just want to haveguns. Political debates should not be about hyperbole.

Another examplefrom the political scene is the ad run by the Senator Ted Cruz thatTrump supports Planned Parenthood and is, therefore, a pro-choice.Notably, there are many services offered through Planned Parenthoodapart from abortion. Trump said what he liked about the PlannedParenthood is the other services available to the mothers. In thiscase, the conclusion of Ted Cruz was fallacious (Cummings 37). Justbecause Donald Trump supported Planned Parenthood, it does not meanhe is pro-choice.

French starplayer, Zidane head-butted Markus. Zidane justified his action bysaying Markus had talked ill of Zidane sister. In reality, two wrongcannot make a right.

Film Directorsbelieved will have a successful career because of his family actingbackground. In reality, every individual has his own abilities. It iswrong to assume, that Kapoor will be successful because of the familyhistory.

In the protestagainst pollution, a mayor of New York City claimed that the biggestproblem facing the city was the people protesting against industrialdevelopment. He observed that all protestors came by cars and notdonkeys or horses. The mayor intimate there is no big differencebetween heavy industry pollution and the users of cars. Obviously,the pollution from industries cannot be comparable to the onesproduced by automobiles (Cummings 36). Others include all crows havea black color, so the caged bird is a crow due to its color and sinceall Dubliners come from Ireland Ronan does not originate from Irishas he cannot play a Dubliner.

In conclusion,informal fallacies are premised on making a wrong judgment about asituation. In other words, if an individual event occurs then it isjustified to make all other happen.

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