Family Law and Policy

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FamilyLaw and Policy

FamilyLaw and Policy

Familylaw consists of statutes that encompass issues among people indomestic unions recognized by the state. These procedures governlegal matters in the family relations, for example, child support anddivorce and children custody in the event of separation. Accordingly,the essay will expound on how family laws might have been differentif they were driven by research rather opinion and the critical areasfor a family educator in the field.

Familylaws governing child custody have been primarily guided by opinionrather than research in the court proceedings. Views of divorcedparents dictate whether children should be included in mediation andgovern the jurisdictions involved in the process. Judicial processadvocate for mediation to be used as an intervention of solvingmarital problems, which cannot be settled out of court, the partiesinvolved determine whether to engage children in the process, or not(Sandler,Saini, Pruett, Pedro‐Carroll,Johnston, Holtzworth‐Munroe,&amp Emery, 2016).There is no standard way of child inclusion in the court mediationprocess. It is purely based on the opinions of the concerned partiesand their societal background.

Jurisdictionof the family law concerning mediation could be different is it wouldbe based on studiesrather than views, researchers advocate for children not be includedin the mediation case because it makes them feel responsible forresolving their conflicts and thus, undermining parental authority.Researchers cite that children should be allowed only for limitedsessions of the mediation, and a decision should be made beforehandwhether to include them or not by all parties involved (Sandler etal., 2016). Family educators should focus on the laws and policiesaimed at strengthening the institution of marriage.

Inconclusion, family educators should lay emphasis on understandingmarital and family processes and patterns in order to strengthen theindividual and domestic unions in the society.


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