Family Policy

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Thegovernment enforces policies that govern the practices or actions offamilies. Ethical issues that are connected to families are witnessedin the United States. A family policy is important because it fightsfor the rights of various individuals. The paper discusses a policyissue that is connected to a certain family ethical concern.

of the Article

The article argues that child labor is an increasing concern becauseit violates policies that protect humans. UNICEF found out that manychildren are deprived the right to attend school when they areexposed to labor at early developmental stages. The authorarticulates that the actions that violate human rights can beeliminated. Poverty among families influences the practice of childlabor. Policies and approaches that can address poverty are said toenhance respect for children rights (UNICEF, 2014). The articleclaims that families involve their children to employment becausetheir source of income does not satisfy their basic needs.Organizations such as UNICEF strengthen family policies and ensurethat practices such as child labor are terminated, and a positivesocial change is achieved.


Afamily policy targeting child labor has diverse implications. Theliving standards of families become worse when the policy is applied.Child labor is viewed as a source of income to some families (UNICEF,2014). Preventing child labor would cause more harm to the childrenbecause the level of the family poverty will increase. The governmentshould, therefore, focus on eliminating poverty after which the issueof child labor will be resolved.

Family Life Educator Involvement

Theethical issue needs to be communicated to the family life educator.Professionalism is required when addressing child labor. The familylife educator will help in determining the factors influencing theethical issue. Moreover, effective strategies will be applied tohandle the child labor if a proper investigation is accomplishedprior the implementation of the family policy.

Inconclusion, the government enforces family policies to ensure thathuman rights are not violated. Child labor is an ethical concern thatis connected to families, which requires high professionalism duringits elimination. Investigations are necessary when handling familyethical issues because the relevant causes are identified andunderstand.


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