Feminism Theory and Violence by Athlete

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FeminismTheory and Violence by Athlete

FeminismTheory and Violence by Athletes

Sexual Abuse in College Programs

http://www.espn.com/pdf/2015/0614/KinsmanCivilSuitFSU.pdf.This involves a male student (Winston) a football player who beingaccused of sexually assaulting a fellow student Jane Doe is defendedby the Florida State University athletics department and the collegeadministration.

https://psmag.com/are-student-athletes-more-likely-to-commit-sexual-assault-baeO.A basketball player and his two friends sexually assault an 18-yearold State of Oregon University student, and though arraigned to acourt of law, they are discharged for lack of strong evidence.

College and Municipal Police Involvement in the Investigations

In both cases, the municipal police participate directly in theprimary investigation of the cases, and they communicate to thecolleges through the Athletes department as required by the law.However, the school athlete department in the Winston case concealedthe accusation from the school administration leading to a legallawsuit by the plaintiff Jane Doe. However, the defendant here ispardoned.

In the Oregon State University case, the municipal police and theschool are involved where the police arrest the victims and presentthem to a court of law and subsequently they are dismissed from thecollege.

Role of Coaches and Trainers in Violence Prevention

The coach and the athlete training personnel are not in any wayaccording to the articles fighting to end or stop the sexual assaultby the athlete students. By concealing their sexual abuse activitiesand even compromising the police investigations, the trainers andcoaches are perpetrating the shameful act in the college as theyprotect their star players. The colleges` formal regulations on thestudent-athlete though available, its application is limited andespecially to the best athletes.

Solution to Sexual Violence

More actions such as formulating clear policy on the code of conductto all student-athlete and subsequent enforcement is required as thiswill eradicate the incidences of sexual assault in the colleges

Sexual Violence Handling Procedure

All sexual abuse committed by students with the school should bereported to the school authority. This should trigger the school toconduct an immediate investigation and suspects arrested andarraigned in court. The college should them cooperate to ensurejustice is done to the victims.


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