Formal and Informal Group

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Formaland Informal Group

Differencesbetween s

Formalgroups are established with the intention of achieving goals andobjectives, which are related to the mission of an organization. Thisimplies that the creation of such groups in an institution isdeliberate. Informal groups are created with the intention of servingthe needs of members. There are differences between these sets ofgroups as will be discussed in this paper.


Oneof the differences between the two groups is that formal groups arecreated deliberately while the establishment of informal groupsdepends on the prevailing circumstances in the organization. Unlikeinformal groups, formal establishments can be regarded as large, andtheir membership comprises of many employees. Informal groups do notlast for a long time since they are temporary. Once the purpose forwhich they were formed is achieved, the groups are disbanded. One theother hand, formal groups have some stability, and their continuityis guaranteed (Hezewinkel,2012).After their formation, they can last forever until the organizationwinds up. The structure of formal groups is clearly defined withauthority flowing from the top to the bottom. On the contrary,informal groups can be considered as unstructured and a member’sability to be authoritative depends on the personal attributes theypossess. Formal regulations determine how members of a formal groupwill behave while values and group beliefs determine members’conduct in informal groups (Bußmann,2014).


Fromthe above discussion, it is apparent some differences exist betweenformal and informal groups. Distinctions in structure and the rulesthat guide how members interact form the basis for distinguishing thegroups. Colleagues in a formal group communicate at a professionallevel while those in informal groups engage in personal interactions.


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