Forming a Discussion Group

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Forminga Discussion Group


Forminga Discussion Group

In any group work, the participants should have equal chances toshare their opinions. The group leader should provide effectivestrategies that will facilitate the proper running of the meetingsand ensure they meet the group objectives. The paper will focus onstrategies for facilitating a group process.

I was involved in a group dealing with environmental matters thatensured the safety of the patients is enhanced. The group consideredall the four stages of group formation to achieve its goals. Thefirst step was formation. In this stage, most members were anxiousand excited about the newly formed group. The members had notidentified their specific roles and responsibilities. All the groupmembers were keen to learn new skills. Hence, there was no aggressive person and the progression was smooth.

The second stage was challenging and the group was stuck for amoment. The second stage was storming where members defined theirroles. In due process, conflicts could arise because of differencesand before all members could embrace each other’s opinion. In thisstage, some of the team members tried to challenge the authority toappear vocal. Hence, the team leader had to stand firm and givemembers time to adopt the system. I was involved in coordinating allthe members in the group (Chmielowiec, Voulgaris and Van Steen,2014).

The third stage is norming where members start appreciating theirdifferences and strengths. In addition, they start obeying theauthority. They become committed to achieving the team goals andobjective. The last stage is performing where members work hardwithout conflicts or resistance. They develop the attitude ofachieving the team`s aims and objectives. The leader should looktowards developing their members and supporting their ideas.

Some members was uncooperative. A member could oppose everyproposed idea or fail to share their opinion in decision-making. Inaddition, a member could develop side conversations, which disruptedthe group’s progress.

Strategies for creating positive team collaboration include having anagreement with members of what are the aims of the group. Besides,the group discussions should have fixed time plan, where they startat a particular time and finish at a given moment in order to improvethe group.

In conclusion, group discussion is important in brainstorming andsharing of ideas. The arguments are fundamental in solving commonissues affecting a common group of people. Proper cooperation leadsto achieving group’s goals and objectives.


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