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FranklinD. Roosevelt

FranklinDelano Roosevelt was the head of state of the United States fortwelve years he has been ranked by most statistics as one of thebest presidents of all time. He rose into office as the 32ndpresident of the US in 1932 from being the governor of New York. Hisinfluential nature and stature laid the set up for the modernAmerica. In the 20thcentury, he was known for the revolution of social America. Franklinwas a Democrat, and it was during and after his tenure that Americawas recognized as a superpower. He exerted maximum influence all overthe world creating a nation designated for prosperity (&quotFranklinDelano Roosevelt makes America a Superpower,&quot 2017).

Itwas during America’s great depression that Franklin came to power.Despite having a long tenure his confidence and optimism liberatedAmerica from the jaws of the economic depression. In the creation ofthe New Deal, Franklin assured Americans of trial and error techniqueuntil an utmost solution was obtained. Persistence and determinationjeered him through the tough times for Americans. His ‘firesidechats’ kept Americans aware of his reforms and ambitions in radiobroadcasts(&quotFranklin Delano Roosevelt makes America a Superpower,&quot2017).

TheNew Deal was characterized by domestic policies and reforms under theFranklin rule, something that enacted his role in America’sliberation from the great depression. The building blocks of the NewDeal were relief, recovery, and reforms (&quotFranklinDelano Roosevelt makes America a Superpower,&quot 2017).In his strategy, for relief, his aim was to create more jobs andlower unemployment rates. The recovery block on the other handfocused on federal spending and employment creation. Lastly, reformsemphasized on the creation of new legislations governing capitalismand social welfare of the people.

NewDeal was divided into the first and second. During the creation ofthe First in 1933-1934, the crisis had increased. Losses experiencedin the stock market, minimum industrial input and low unemploymentrates at 25% characterized the deep economic depression. Rooseveltcreated agencies and legislations to address the crisis in banking,unemployment and bad industrial performance. Later, there was thecreation of the Securities Exchange Commission to regulate stocks(Staff,2017).

TheSecond New Deal was characterized by the creation of the WorksProgress Administration to create employment opportunities (Staff,2017).Also, it included creating a social security trust to take care ofthe elderly and disabled groups by the taxpayers. Another function ofit was ensuring the protection of employee welfares and restrictingchild labor. Roosevelt played a major role during the World War II.He resolved to play neutral initially, but allowed the purchase ofarms by Britain and France. The Germans who pushed Roosevelt to theside with Britain captured France. The German Nazi rule was a threatto the people and economy of America. He spearheaded the creation ofthe Axis powers that later brought down the Germans and ended the war(&quotFranklinD. Roosevelt&quot, 2017).

Duringhis time as President, Franklin had close friends and supporters thathelped him significantly. He was the fifth cousin of US PresidentTheodore Roosevelt, who was a role model to him. President Franklinwas a close friend to yet another mentor. The presidential candidateof the Democrats in 1922 was James M. Cox. President Franklin wasselected as his running mate at the time but unfortunately he was notelected into office. The interaction with these two leaders placedFranklin at a better position to deal with America`s problems.President Franklin’s slogan to give Americans a New Deal wasevidenced by his performances (Staff,2017).When he was elected president, he ensured that he created a betterAmerica.


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