Friday Mailbag Politics

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FridayMailbag: Politics

Thisis an article written by the Public Editor of The New York Times.The `FridayMailbag: Politics’is an article written by Liz Spayd. The article is one of the weeklyfeature articles which address some of the messages bringing out theconcerns of the audience over the newspaper`s analysis of thepresidential elections. The main issue being discussed on the paperconcern the biasness of the infamous newspaper. There are severalpeople who have remarked over the dissatisfaction of the news mediaespecially considering that Trump won (San, Francisco,and Matthew Joachim 2).

Thereactions seen in the inbox of the newspaper has made, astonishingremarks, especially on the idea that the infamous newspapers, the NewYork Times, was so incorrect concerning the presidential elections,prompted the people to access the newspaper over being biased andalso being out of touch with the American people.

Onereader by the name, Lisa Lincoln, remarks that despite the companybeing associated with being a liberal newspaper with strongreporting, it is not understood why they were so far since theyshowed Hillary Clinton having the best margins. According to MarcRose, the newspaper biasness over the Hillary Clinton`s success asbeing the next American president was dismissed when Trump won theelection. When Trump won, she was glad because the paper was soinclined to support Hillary over Trump that it forgot the Americanpeople. Ellen Murphy stated that despite the fact that the newspaperwas biased over the presidential candidates, it calls for a review ofthe reporters tasked with the responsibility of analyzing thepresidential elections. Some of the review concerns the reporter andeditor ethnic, geographic, class and educational background, sum up, one of the ironic remarks from the executives is that thereporters should go to the heart of the American people to find outwhat they think.


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