Futurists and Bionic Bodies in Sport

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Futuristsand Bionic Bodies in Sport


Futuristsand Bionic Bodies in Sport

  1. If we are unable to stop athletes from taking drugs that are not allowed, how will we classify their athletic performances? Example: Record Category: Times for runners participating with anabolic steroid enhancement. List two suggestions based on your research? Anabolic steroids are natural and synthetic substances that help in building body muscles and increases mass. The drugs enable the athletes to train harder and recover first from vigorous workouts. Most of these drugs are taken to improve performance, and by using them, the athletes’ performance can be classified as a mere cheating exercise since their success is only dependent on the anabolic[ CITATION Tho12 l 2057 ]. The drugs are declared illegal if their performance causes health risk or violates the spirit of sporting activities which involves the celebration of human spirit, mind and body. Integrity of sports is affected by doping when individual think only of winning or losing without reflecting how the game was played. “The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization” (UNESCO) believes that the morals and decent basis of sport and the health of the athletes are endangered by doping. Steroids are not healthy products to be consumed when it comes to sports[ CITATION 15517 l 2057 ]. They disadvantage the non-consumers and at the same time affecting the health and career of those who consume them negatively. They cause permanent damage to human body. For example, Marion Jones was tested positive in the year 2006 for a banned substance, and she admitted she had been doping. From her record, she held the world athletic title by winning five gold medals in Olympics. She was banned from participating in the 2008 Olympics[ CITATION Mor13 l 2057 ].

2.If an athlete undergoes bionic enhancements to compensate for alost body part, they may be able to swim better times than &quotnormal&quotathletes. This could cause the International Olympic Committee tocombine the Olympic Games with the Paralympics in the future. Whatstrategies would you use to level the playing field between regularparticipants and those with bionic enhancements?List three suggestions from your research? Depending on the time theathletes are given, those with Paralympic limbs will automaticallyoutdo the normal athletes since those i-limbs are powered andcontrolled remotely via a computer which never gets tired, unlike theun-disabled athletes. Therefore, time should be set differently suchthat those with Paralympic limbs given less time as normal ones bydoing this we level the playing ground for such. Also, we can levelthe playing field by designing different field events to accommodatethe two groups or design different levels for them[ CITATION Tyn11 l 2057 ].Forinstance, wheelchair Paralympians continue to outperform theirable-bodied counterparts since there is a lot of advancement in thewheelchair technology. In South Africa Pistorius the splinter bornwithout fibulas and wears prosthetics makes him compete as the bestable-bodied sprinters on the planet. His prosthetics gives him anadvantage over the others since they can outdo those who have nodisabilities.


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