FWAC in Department of Education

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FWACin Department of Education



FWACin Department of Education

Theeducation themes are those insights that act as guidelines for thedepartment of education on the goals and objectives that should beachieved in a country. This paper therefore reflects on the educationtheme maintaining integrity and honesty within the education system.Under this education theme, the education sector aims at maintainingan education system that upholds high level of transparency in themanagement of education resources in the US (Kai,2013).

Inspite of the education department`s commitment to actualize thistheme, the inspector general`s FWAC findings have indicated thatcorruption and abuse of power are some of the imminent practiceswithin the education system that have hampered the attainment of thetheme (Kai, 2013). An example is the case that happened in the year2002, when the department of education approved and disbursed astudent loan totaling to $55,000 for three Y`Hica students, only tobe realized later that none of such Institution or students exists.


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