Generational Difference Contribution at Microsoft Corporation

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GenerationalDifference Contribution at Microsoft Corporation

GenerationalDifference Contribution at Microsoft Corporation

Themodern United States labor market comprises of four differentgenerations of workers. Every business organization, especially thecorporates, has all the four groups represented in their setup. Thetraditionalists are the eldest and are slowly becoming extinct inmost work environments. The baby boomers rank second having beenborn between 1946 and 1964. These people witnessed the post-world warII developments and their approach to business and development arequite different from other generations. The third group comprises ofindividuals born between 1965 and 1981 known as the generation Xers.The final generation has people born between 1982 and 2000.Millennial is the name attributed to the group of the enthusiasts whoperceive the future in a different way from the past generations(Dishman, 2015). Microsoft is one of the most successful corporationsaround the world, and surveys indicate that it owes its exponentialprosperity to generational differences.


Mostpeople believe that companies such as Microsoft enjoy monopolybecause of their earlier establishments (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu(Firm), 2016). However, they forget about the immense improvementsthat have contributed to the advancement of the company’s operatingsystems as well as the quality and sophistication of other manyproducts. One of the main items that has benefited from a wide rangeof generational contributions is the Microsoft Xbox console (Brendan,2016). Unless people stop speculation and start looking into dynamicsresponsible for immense improvements, the contribution ofgenerational difference in such institutions will always receiveminimal acknowledgment and appreciation.


Thekey objective of the research will be to establish generationaldifferences structures at Microsoft and how it has contributed to theexponential expansion of the organization.


Theimprovements at Microsoft, both in product development andarchitecture and sales, are a result of generational differences thatoffer different platforms towards beating both the old and currentinvestors to emerge as the giant known in the technological world.


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