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GiveKids The World

Inthe current world, in the news there is a lot of coverage of deathwhich means that man women and children are not spared in thisscenario. However, it is believed this kind of death is led bycarelessness, illness and natural class. However, there are greaterpercentages to die from conditioned. Though, there are greater chanceto rectify the situation and stop people from passing away due tohunger, poverty and some curable diseases. Once, that anoxia, thereare more than 20 types of disease that are killing people largely andwith slow effect and it makes people ignore (Tischler 123). Societalproblems have been around for centuries, people having a lot,amassing wealth for themselves and looking forward to keep them andprotect them for their future unforeseen children and greatgrandchildren. However, Mohamed Ali came from God Knows where andworked his entire life, not for himself, but just trying to help theunfortunate and try to make his society a better place. Heparticipated in different charity organization activities where thepoor and unfortunate in the society could get help (Tischler 125). He consistently volunteered and carries out visit tour to check onthe victims just to give them the feeling that they are never alone,no matter their situation, and there is usually somebody somewherewho always care for them. And he made them know that there are peoplewho do see the good, their need and the potential in them.

MohamedAli was very significant in some ways. To start with, he used hisboxing career to inspire many people and encourage them to keep up totheir dreams to attain greatness. Secondly, together with PeterArnell, they established Greatness of All Times abbreviated as GOATwhich is food and beverage organization that was intended to inspireyoung people to eat well, practice healthy life choice and work hardto go beyond their current economic status. He helped raise over $50million for different charity organizations across the globe. Eventhough he retired from active boxing in the year, 1981 Ali showed alot of love and compassion for unfortunate in the society andinspired them through his talent.

Ilearned a lot of things from Ali. Initially, I used to think that hewas just the greatest boxer of all times, but after doing myresearch, I came to realize that Mohamed Ali was the greatest personof all time. He cared about his society, about those who did not makeit and never stopped encouraging them and inspiring them to work hardand reach his level. Facts have it that by 19 years of age he hadmore than six golden gloves. He was honored a united nation peacemessenger after which he went to Iraq to carry out negotiation whichhappened and facilitated the release of fifteen hostages.

Theimpact of Mohamed on the current society is very significantfollowing his success in every aspect of his career and anything hehad done. He was a dreamer, but the dream was not meant for him, hedreamed about society, about the poor, he dreams how he could makethe lives of people who are poor and unfortunate in his societybetter. He came up with Mohamed Ali Center which is a nonprofitorganization that helps the poor and which is an orphanage for theorphans, where people can learn about developing themselves. He isthe role model in whom people can obtain humor, a good trait, andequity.

Assaid by Wojcik (11) poverty is a primary issue in the whole world,and global leaders are supposed to come up with an amicable way toreduce it. In many circumstances, governments have left the work ofhelping the needy individuals and non-profit organizations such asthat of Mohamed Ali Center. Nonetheless, for such organizations toperform, there must be cooperation from all sectors of the economy, adonation from all over, for instance, from the government, otherprivate organizations and well-wishers. There are many ways practicalthat can be used to eradicate such pressing issues like poverty inthe modern world. One better way that is what Mohamed Ali Centersdoes and also providing education to all (Wojcik 11). When nearlyeveryone in a society is educated about the ways poverty isassociated with productivity, workers’ rights and the currentenvironmental justice, people will figure out an area they need tospend most of their efforts to help in the production process andknow what kind of activities are beneficial for their economicwellbeing.

TheAli’s organization also has done professional research which showshow poverty is associated with criminal justice that in turn does notpromote the education of its felons. Particularly, in a country suchas United States the downward spiral of felons facilitates manyincidents of criminal activities which are a system that Mohamed AliCenter is geared to change. Ali’s Centre offers education for boththe young and adults about issues like crime and their negativecontribution in our societies (Willer, Wimer, and Lindsay 85).Itis established that crime not healthy for most of the societies. Itaffects people all of colors and religions who are alreadydisenfranchised by the monster known as poverty as well as thestructure of society.

Asevident in the organization, there are also cases and a possibilityof donating to the needy. They give to the local and internationalcharity organizations. In any case, most of the charity organizationdepend on donations to promote their survival and offer services totheir victims. Organizations have well-kept records of how they spendtheir finances just to be sure and to prove to the donors on theirexpenditure.

Organizationsdo make pledges to offer some treat for a month such as giving outfancy coffee, clothes or chocolate instead they use the money theycollect from such activities to help in their charity activities.Other than money, they give out food, clothes, books to the localpeople and those who need such but are not able to acquire them.Tischler (144) says that such kind of donations helps those who arestranded in particular area, for instance in the area of disasters.However, there are possibilities of joining other philanthropicorganization as a means of acquiring more resources to help theneedy. Though Mohamed Ali Center is in no partnership with anyorganization, he should consider a partnership. They can come up withother groups to help eliminate poverty, create an after-schoolprogram for needy kids or low-income students.

Toconclude, it suffices to say that poverty is a bigger problem in theworld and the entire human race should unite to eradicate it by allmeans. It does not matter whether you are affected or not, what isimportant is the result which will place our societies in a betterstatus. All government, and non-governmental organization, as wellas individuals, should come together to realize this joint goal


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