Globalization has opened the doors for cultural exchange between people

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Globalizationhas opened the doors for cultural exchange between people ofdifferent religions. The Islam society has had its fair share tospread into the Western Society raising the question of whether thisis good for the women or not. Numerous immigrants in Europe and theUnited States have adopted the autonomy of women in the countries. Inreturn, they have established education programs and campaigns tohelp in the liberation of their colleagues who are still limited bytheir faith. Their activism has been successful since states aregradually introducing new policies that allow the mothers and younggirls to accomplish more duties in the community than they could dosome years back.

Womenhave gained substantial freedom in the contemporary Islam society.The exposure to the education is considered necessary to create agroup of middle-class Muslims that could successfully compete withthe wealthy foreigners and minority in citizens on commercialactivities. The socio-economic achievements are associated withadvanced education and the freedom from religious restrictions. Thewelcoming of Western curriculum, including foreign languages in theIslamic states, played a crucial role in the liberation of women.Unlike the traditional Madrasalessonsthat focused on Quran teachings, the modern schools taught lifeskills that women could use to venture into occupations that werepreviously dominated by men. Presently, many women are independentand have thriving careers in the Islam society.

Alot of critics argue that the modern schools are high-risk to Islamicvirtues because they teach foreign and secular concepts. New schoolsare informative as opposed to being a threat. Baran (2011) observesthat women have gained knowledge to accomplish varied duties thatonly men could do in the past. For instance, they can teach the HolyQuran, drive vehicles, and ask for divorce when necessary. Theknowledge opens up a door for Muslim women to interact and gain thestatus of other ladies in the world. For a long time, the westernsociety had a poor understanding of what constitutes Islam. The issuehad adverse effects on the integration of Muslim in the society ofthe west. Some regarded it as a threat to the dominant culture. Theintegration of Muslim in the European social order is not threateningas they are embracing other cultures at their home states.Previously, many people had a poor understanding of the Islamcivilization hence, the formation of stereotypes that underminedtolerance in the society.

Thenew developments and modernity among the believers do not imply thatthe community is likely to clinch some of the western practices suchas homosexuality. Religious tolerance is necessary to reduceconflicts between cultures owing to their traditional norms andpractices. The place of women in the contemporary society is drivenby the cultural and religious values. It is notable that believersliving in the Western nations are slowly adopting and assimilating tothe cultural values of the host states. The move undermines thecontinuity of the Muslim norms and practices. It is clear that Muslimmigrants in the Western countries are not rigid to the newdevelopments in the host countries. In particular, their attitudeschange with the absorption of the host’s culture to enhance theirliving.

Inconclusion, embracing modernity would help to create a betterunderstanding of the culture besides enhancing tolerance in thecontemporary society. In fact, some of the issues should be left toindividuals to make personal choices according to their wishes andpreferences. Modernity has allowed Muslim women to engage in theirchoices hence, the reduction in the threat and conflict levels.